Are You Replacing an Old Floor with a New Polished Concrete Floor? Here Are 5 Things You Need to Know About Surface Prep

new polished concrete floor

Planning a new polished concrete floor for your commercial or industrial building? You’ve made a wise choice. Your new floor will be durable, reflective, and easy to maintain. Concrete is much harder to damage than, say, vinyl composition tile (VCT). It can be polished to a high sheen that can… Continue reading

Even Industrial Polished Concrete Floors Need Occasional Repairs. Here’s Some Basic Repair Info You Need to Know

industrial polished concrete

Concrete floors normally require very little maintenance, but eventually, all industrial polished concrete floors will require some work. Their day-to-day care needs don’t amount to much, but various conditions beyond anyone’s control can cause damage to concrete. Earth shifting underneath the slab can cause cracking. Changes in temperature and humidity… Continue reading

Do You Know about Densifier? Here’s How It Affects the Process of Sealing Concrete Floors

process of sealing concrete floors

Sealing concrete floors is a painstaking process that involves many important steps. Each specific task must be carefully completed in a specific order. After several rounds of grinding are completed, a flat and even surface is achieved and the slab is ready for a densifier. Applying a densifier, also known… Continue reading

How Carpet, Epoxy Paint and Other Coatings Affect the Process of Polishing a Concrete Floor

polishing a concrete floor

Polishing a concrete floor often starts with removing material that covers the slab. Sometimes carpet must be ripped up. Some facilities may have vinyl composite tile (VCT) that has to be removed, along with its adhesive underneath. In some situations, the previous owners may have previously used painted concrete, and… Continue reading

Know What It Takes to Polish Concrete Floors? The ABC’s of Surface Prep

polish concrete floors

The process to polish concrete floors requires following many important steps in a specific sequence. However, before the actual polishing can take place, the surface of the slab must be prepared. Simply preparing the slab for polishing requires carefully completing four crucial tasks. Keep reading to learn more about the… Continue reading

What Concrete Densifier Selection Means to the Job

As an owner of a concrete floor that is going to receive densifier, here are some advantages and disadvantages of choosing a densifier product that is best suited for your needs and expectations. Often times, a floor’s finish will call for a generic specification of: “use either a lithium silicate,… Continue reading

Aggregate Exposure of Polished Concrete Floors

Polished concrete is a green and Earth-friendly flooring solution. It is also one of the easiest flooring types to clean and maintain. Different property types may or may not be suitable for a concrete finish that includes aggregate exposure. Grinding the concrete to expose aggregate may be considered attractive for… Continue reading

Understanding the Prep Process for Polished Concrete Floors

Achieving polished concrete floors for your manufacturing, commercial, or retail space is a long and labor-intensive process. But there are several important preparation steps to consider before the process for polished concrete floors begins. Expert technicians have specific requirements and ensure all of them are met before bringing in equipment… Continue reading

The Top 5 Reasons for Polished Concrete Services

Unpolished concrete can experience an array of problems that polished concrete services can eliminate. Once you have invested in pouring a new concrete floor or repairing an old one, it just doesn’t make sense to not take it one step further and protect the floor by polishing it. Cutting costs,… Continue reading

Why Sealing and Dustproofing with Polished Concrete Flooring is Important

Polished concrete flooring is renowned for its durability and reflectivity. With a good sealing and a basic maintenance routine, concrete floors are a fantastic choice for a cost-effective, green flooring surface. There is a reason why so many factories, warehouses, and retail locations choose polished concrete flooring. But there is… Continue reading