Have Cracks, Shifting, or Rocking Bending in Your Concrete Floors? Shifting Concrete Slab Repair May Be Needed

Shifting Concrete Slab Repair

A typical industrial building is typically a thicker concrete slab to accommodate heavier loads and especially heavy machinery. Often times if these are not reinforced properly or is the sub slab base is weak, concrete slab shifting occurs which requires immediate shifting concrete slab repair. You know you have a… Continue reading

Have You Considered Industrial Foundation Repair in 2015?

Industrial Foundation Repair

Damage to your industrial foundation is a virtual certainty, and industrial foundation repairs can be just what you need to get the foundation safe and secure. Concrete is a porous slab laid atop a sub-base, which can shift, lose and gain moisture, and transfer those changes to the concrete. Depending… Continue reading

How to Know When It’s Time for Concrete Floor Damage Repair

Concrete Floor Damage Repair

Perhaps your facility has some visible concrete floor damage, and you aren’t sure whether it requires immediate repair. Downtime, production loss, repair cost, the hassle of finding a reputable concrete repair company, and other factors may encourage you to delay making repairs to the floor. After all, how much trouble… Continue reading

The Pros and Cons of Continuously Patching Concrete Floors? There are Permanent Solutions!

Patching Concrete Floors

Patching concrete floors time and time again is one way to handle repeated damage. For some properties, it’s often the only option. After all, plenty of operations simply can’t shut down for an extended period of time so that concrete can be painstakingly repaired or replaced. Other property owners believe… Continue reading

Annoyed by Cracks? 3 Signs It’s Time to Consider Concrete Floor Resurfacing

The one guarantee about concrete floors is that someday they will almost inevitably require concrete floor resurfacing. Even perfectly poured concrete is not immune to damage caused by moisture, earthquakes, forklift traffic, continual freezing and thawing of the ground, corroding rebar, and settling earth. Another common defect in concrete is … Continue reading

Light Reflectivity of Concrete

Proper lighting has proven year after year, in several hundred studies, to increase workplace productivity and employee mood. As energy conservation and green building solutions have grown in popularity, the technology to our common lighting systems have significantly improved and more industrial warehouses are incorporating these advanced, energy-efficient means of… Continue reading