Titus CN

Concrete Floor Cleaner and Neutralizer

Titus CN is the 1st chemical application process of the Titus S3 system to treat sweating slab syndrome.  Titus CN is a concrete cleaner that neutralizes concrete that suffers from efflorescence, sweating, and other alkalinity problems.

Titus CN is one of our many lithium based products that works by infusing lithium ions into the substrate—these ions calm alkali reactions between aggregate and Portland cement thereby reducing the formation of alkali salts and sweating. (For serious sweating slab issues  we recommend sample of a full treatment 3-step treatment of Titus CN, Titus AI, and Titus Densifier.)

Titus CN is also excellent for cleaning concrete after concrete floors have been polished because CN removes fine particles and dust that can contribute to a reduction in shine.

Concrete cleaner and neutralizer can be used on any floors where pH imbalances occur

Neutralize pH Imbalances

Alkalinity imbalance may not always be the cause for sweating slabs, but it certainly can be one of the many contributors. For more information read our blog post on identifying sweating slab syndrome.


  • Penetrates concrete surfaces by infusing lithium ions deep into the substrate
  • Neutralizes pH imbalances in concrete that contribute to efflorescence, sweating, and other alkalinity problems.
  • Helps prevent efflorescence and the leaching of lime.
  • Removes fine particles and dust that result in shine reduction on polished concrete floors.
  • Excellent for cleaning concrete and maintaining clean concrete floors.
  • Perfect for floors that have had concrete polishing.

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