Steel Shot Blasting

Steel shot blasting is a fast and efficient method for paint removal from concrete and concrete preparation for new coating systems. It is also effective in cleaning concrete and contaminant build-up on concrete floors. Aggressive shotblasting can be used in conjunction with concrete polishing to quickly and economically expose aggregate.

Blastrac® Steel Shot Blasting for Surface Prep and Paint Removal from Concrete:

Shot blast machines are used by Titus for many projects, but a common misconception is that carpet mastic or VCT mastic can be removed by shot blasting. Because shotblasting works by rebounding tiny steel bbs at high velocities, sticky surfaces cannot be shot blasted because the rebound will not occur.

Depending on the size of the shot and the speed of the machine, different concrete surface profile can be created. The dust created from shot blasting is collected in a safe and efficient manner keeping your facility clean and operational during your project.

Concrete Surface Preparation

Shot blasting is the preferred method for floor coatings surface preparation. The concrete surface preparation is fundamental to an epoxy, polyaspartic, or mma coating system. The CSP profile is determined based on the thickness of the coating. Different profiles will require various sizes of steel shot that are used in the surface preparation.

Concrete Surface Profiles (CSP)

  • A CSP of 1-2 can be achieved through concrete girding. (Titus is also equipped with several concrete grinders for this purpose).
  • CSP 3 is a light shot blast for coatings 4-5 mils in thickness.
  • CSP 4 is a medium shot blast for coatings 15-50 mils in thickness
  • CSP 5-7 offers a heavy shot blast for coatings over 40 mils but less thant 1/8″ in thickness.
  • CSP 6 or 7 is also used as concrete surface preparation for floor toppings (leveling compounds, etc.)
  • CSP 8 or 9 is an extreme shot blast profile for concrete wear toppings and overlays.

Titus Restoration Services, Inc. has performed Blastrac® steel shot blasting on over 1 million square feet of steel and concrete. We have steel shot blasted concrete floors, steel oil tank roofs, and interiors of water tanks. We own both 8 inch and 15 inch Blastrac® steel shot equipment and are prepared for any size project. We are capable of reaching the profile you need for your surface preparation on:

  • Warehouse Floors
  • Distribution Centers
  • Manufacturing Facilities
  • Parking decks
  • …and many more!

Cleaning and Paint Removal from Concrete

With shot blasting we are able to remove mill scale, dirt, rust, other surface contaminants, or paint removal from concrete to restore surfaces to their original state. This type of concrete cleaning leaves the concrete with visible cornrows, but they can be polished out if a smooth surface is desired.

For more information on our shot blasting services, contact our experts today!