Polished Concrete Floor Cost

How much do polished concrete floor cost? The price of polished concrete is determined by your needs and the condition of the concrete slab. Old, rough, damaged or pitted concrete is more expensive than newly placed or smooth concrete due to the time and materials that are used to prepare the surface for polishing. In addition to the intrinsic characteristics of the concrete, there are a number of external factors that influence the polished concrete floor cost.

Polished concrete floor cost is determined by many factors and environmental conditions

What you need to know about the cost of polished concrete floors

Polished Concrete Floor Cost is Based On:

  • Joint filling: Are the joints currently filled? Do they need to be replaced? Do they simply need to be cleaned and filled. For more information on joint filling click here.
  • Edges: Edges are among the factors that can affect the cost the most depending on the customer expectations. The edges can match the field of the floor or other alternatives can be chosen to minimize how much polished concrete floors cost. Read our blog on choosing edge finishes for polished concrete floors.
  • Surface: Is there something currently on the surface such as paint, epoxy, tile, carpet flooring that must be removed or only bare concrete ready to be ground?
  • Size: Size of the area in question. The higher the total area, the lower the price per square foot.
  • Configuration: What is the configuration of the area to be polished? One big large room has a lower average cost than many smaller rooms. Small rooms are more challenging and require more work and preparation and increase the amount of edging required.
  • Utilities: Are water, electricity, and lights available inside the building?
  • Of course, there may be more factors to the polished concrete floor cost, but these are the basics.

Life Cycle Cost/Polished Concrete Floor Cost Installation

We have created a fundamental distinction in products to meet customer needs. A Titus Hybrid Polished Concrete system that would allow a customer to have a floor with similar characteristics to the Titus High Polish-High Performance Polished Concrete can provide a considerable savings.

Product Installation
10 Yrs
HYBRID Polished Concrete 0.50-1.35 0.25 10+ 3.00-3.85
Titus HP² Polished Concrete 1.75-4.00 0.25 10+ 4.25-6.50
Polished Concrete (dyed) 2.50-8.00 0.25 10+ 5.00-10.50
Acid Stained Concrete 2.00-6.00 1.75 5+ 21.50-29.50
Vinyl Tile (VCT) 1.50-4.00 1.50 10+ 16.50-19.00
Carpet 1.00-2.50 1.50 5+ 17.00-20.00
Cement Terrazzo 12.00-17.00 0.70 10+ 19.00-24.00
Epoxy Terrazzo 13.00-18.00 0.50 10+ 18.00-23.00
Ceramic Tile 5.00-7.50 1.50 10+ 20.00-22.50
Quarry Tile 5.00-7.00 1.50 10+ 10.00-22.00
Epoxy/MMA Coating 1.50-9.00 1.50 10+ 16.50-24.00

All life cycle costs are square foot costs. This life cycle cost of polished concrete comparison has been compiled from the National Terrazzo and Mosaic Association, Concrete Construction Magazine, and other independent sources.

For any questions regarding prices and factors affecting prices of this concrete floor treatment you can contact us and ask to speak with an estimator – most estimating can be done with a series of pictures and phone conversations or a scheduled site visit.

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