Concrete Polishing National Accounts

Concrete Repair National AccountsWe are big enough to handle your polished concrete and concrete repairs on a national level, but we are small enough to care! With our Quality Management systems in place you can ensure the same quality from California to New York and everything in between. We write quality documents for each of our national accounts to ensure your needs are met in each area of the country.

Benefits of a National Accounts Vendor

  • One on one support
  • Personalized Maintenance
  • Price Savings
  • Superior Problem Resolutions
  • Most Importantly: Consistency!

Our Quality Commitment ensures a quality follow up call on EVERY job we perform no matter what size. This allows us to prevent future problems from occurring and making sure your needs are 100% met.

Our Quality Policy States: Titus is committed to providing the highest quality polished concrete that meets our customer expectations, schedule, and budget, and continually improving on the effectiveness of our system.

We look forward to building lasting relationships with YOU!