Know What It Takes to Polish Concrete Floors? The ABC’s of Surface Prep

polish concrete floorsThe process to polish concrete floors requires following many important steps in a specific sequence. However, before the actual polishing can take place, the surface of the slab must be prepared. Simply preparing the slab for polishing requires carefully completing four crucial tasks. Keep reading to learn more about the surface preparation that has to happen before we polish concrete floors.

Scratch Test

First, we perform a scratch test. Also called an MOHS Hardness Test, this assessment is done to determine the hardness of the concrete, which will dictate what products we use to grind the concrete. Titus Restoration uses diamond grinding products with varying hardness to grind concrete. The harder the concrete is, the more agressive the diamond grinding tools we start with when we begin the next step of the preparation process.

Wet Grinding

The next step is to grind the concrete to a hone. Titus Restoration always uses the wet grinding method rather than dry grinding. Wet grinding creates zero airborne dust for your employees and ours to breathe in. We use a large polishing machine along with a series of diamond grit pads to wet grind the concrete to a progressively finer hone. We work our way up to higher grit diamond pads, which creates a fine scratch pattern and thus a shiny concrete surface.


The third step in preparing concrete is to apply a densifier. These products are available with potassium, sodium, or lithium as their base. Titus Restoration only uses a lithium densifier because the tiny lithium ions allow this product to penetrate deeper into the slab than the other two alternatives. Plus, lithium is not water soluble, which means that a lithium densifier will give the concrete additional water-repelling properties. This step is also sometimes referred to as concrete sealing. Either way, it is important for maintaining the integrity of the concrete.

The Process Matters

Careful preparation of the concrete will make the polishing process easier, as well as extend the lifetime of the concrete floor. Grinding the concrete to a fine home helps increase its reflectivity, which can reduce the amount of artificial lighting you need to provide inside the facility. Grinding the concrete to various finishes may also produce interesting patterns in the concrete for added beauty. Plus, effective concrete sealing can help prevent health and safety issues such as sweating slab syndrome and efflorescence.

Titus Restoration has been preparing and polishing concrete floors for decades. Although we are based in the Atlanta area, our experienced team has restored and polished concrete all over the United States. You can’t find a more experienced and trusted concrete company in the country.

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