Why Sealing and Dustproofing with Polished Concrete Flooring is Important

polished concrete flooringPolished concrete flooring is renowned for its durability and reflectivity. With a good sealing and a basic maintenance routine, concrete floors are a fantastic choice for a cost-effective, green flooring surface. There is a reason why so many factories, warehouses, and retail locations choose polished concrete flooring. But there is a major difference between sealing bare concrete and polished concrete.

Problems can arise with sealing bare concrete that the polishing process eliminates. Keep reading to learn why  polished concrete flooring reduces the maintenance cost of warehouse and factories everywhere. Or read our page of concrete floor sealing here.

The Difference between Sealed Flooring and Polished Concrete Flooring:

Unsealed concrete continually creates dust and maintenance issues. Many believe that by just sealing concrete floors, this issue will be resolved. However, topical sealers can work for a temporary solution but will require re-application over the years depending on the quality of sealer. In contrast to a product, polished concrete flooring is a process that tightens the pores of the concrete, thus sealing it, on a more permanent basis.

Further, in the polished concrete floor process, a penetrating sealer is applied. It not only solidifies the dust deep in the concrete, but it hardens the surface for forklift traffic and high volumes of production; protecting it for years to come. Polished concrete outlasts sealed concrete time and time again making it the superior choice for many environments.

Learn more about our polished concrete flooring process here!

Go Dust-Free with Properly Polished Concrete

Properly polished concrete flooring does not experience surface dust. Sealing and dustproofing your facility’s concrete floors is one easy and effective way to protect the health and safety of your staff. In addition, concrete dust can end up on your inventory, machinery, equipment, and lots of other surfaces where it shouldn’t be. Sealing polished concrete flooring is one process that can protect all of your investments and assets at once.

To take dust protection one step further, Titus Restoration recommends wet grinding of concrete slabs. In fact, we only use the wet grinding method because the dry method puts so much concrete dust into the air. Wet grinding is much safer than the alternative and it protects your employees’ and our technicians’ health. That’s how serious we are about protecting your staff and ours from the dangers of breathing in concrete dust.

With decades of experience in the concrete business, Titus Restoration has determined all of the best products and methods for creating the best quality concrete floors. While many issues can arise with bare concrete floors, including dusting, polished concrete floors are fairly low-maintenance and highly durable. If you have more questions about polished concrete flooring, call Titus Restoration toll-free at 888-569-3914.