Industrial and Commercial Polished Concrete and Concrete Repair

Retail Dyed & Polished Concrete

Information for Architects, Contractors, and Building Owners for Polished Concrete

Clean & Bright Concrete

You can keep your facility clean - with water only a polished concrete floor remains clean and bright for a long time!

USDA & FDA Approved Flooring

We Provide High Reflection, Slip Resistance, and High Traction for concrete floors that is approved for food service and storage. Learn more about Polished Concrete.

Warehouse & Manufacturing Flooring

We perform concrete restoration and concrete repairs while your plant is in operation.

Fast Curing & Lasting Repairs

We know your operations are important - that's why our concrete repairs have little downtime and provide lasting results.

Quality Polished Concrete Floors for Lasting Industrial Concrete Repairs

Image of Commercial & Industrial Polished Concrete

Commercial & Industrial Polished Concrete

Our experience in polished concrete can provide you an encyclopedia of information. Browse our photos and learn about the value polished concrete has to offer. Feel free to contact us if you are have questions about your project.
Image of Concrete Joint Repairs

Concrete Joint Repairs

Experiencing forklift damage and slowed production due to damaged and spalled joints? Titus Restoration installs lasting joint repair products based on your needs to restore your operations with little downtime.
Image of Industrial Concrete Repairs

Industrial Concrete Repairs

Many of our customers count on Titus for lasting Industrial Concrete Floor Repairs. Our quality crews can work around your operation to keep you in production while the floor is repaired - doesn't that sound easy!
Welcome to Titus Restoration, we are a nationwide concrete floor restoration contractor and polished concrete company that offers decades of experience to assist your needs related to restoring, finishing, and maintaining your concrete floors in commercial and industrial facilities. We are happy to serve the Southeast from Atlanta, Tallahassee, Jacksonville, Charlotte, and more.

Our wide range of services includes:

Titus Restoration is the only polished concrete contractor to have 2 products certified by the National Floor Safety Institute for High Traction. In keeping with our safety concerns, we primarily wet grind during our concrete polishing to eliminate the threat of Silicosis. Finally, all of our products are environmentally safe and we stand behind that.

In addition to safety, quality is equally important to us. Our quality objectives are to provide the highest quality polished concrete that meets our customer's expectation, schedule, and budget and to continually improve on the effectiveness of our quality management system. These objectives are routinely examined, making both our field and office personnel responsible for the overall customer experience.

Because of our strong relationships with industry manufacturers we are able to use the most advanced polished concrete equipment and tooling to perform work you need, ensuring that you receive the best floor available. We can perform the work with limited plant shut downs, keeping your facility in operation during the floor restoration process and making it easier for you to get the results you desire.

For information, questions, and polished concrete floors or concrete repair estimates visit our Contact Us page.

Titus Restoration is licensed or meets industry contractor requirements in all 50 states of USA for polished concrete and industrial concrete repairs. We are headquartered in Atlanta, GA and our crews travel the entire country including: Atlanta, Columbus, Macon, Savannah, Tallahassee, Jacksonville, Birmingham, Mobile, Charlotte, Knoxville, Tampa, Orlando, Miami and many more!