Dyed Concrete and Polished Concrete

Dyed Concrete offers beauty and durability.

Atlanta High School Dyed Entry Way (Saddle Brown Ameripolish Dye)

There is a difference between dyed concrete and stained concrete. We have a little about stained or acid stained concrete here. Depending on the look you are trying to achieve and what conditions it will be exposed to we can recommend what is best for your project.

Dyed concrete, in conjunction with polished concrete, is a great way to add warmth to an otherwise cold, gray floor. There are many color options available with dyed or stained concrete, but we believe it is important to understand the limitations of the product when making the choices concerning your concrete flooring project.

 Limitations of Stained or Dyed Concrete

  • Dyed Concrete is not UV Stable, this includes florescent lighting.
  • Dyes do not penetrate evenly, a mottled look is common.
  • Not all concrete takes the dye the same, 2 slabs poured next to each other may react differently to the dye.
  • Where cracks or other imperfections exist, a tinted filler can be added, but will not match perfectly.
New Retail Space with dyed concrete floors.

New Retail Floor with Raw Sienna by Ameripolish

Projects Suitable for a Dyed (or Stained) Polished Concrete Floor:

  • Grocery Stores and other Retail Facilities
  • Schools
  • Offices
  • Any facility changing from VCT or Carpet to a concrete floor
  • Read about other decorative concrete ideas here.
Dyes can make many concrete floors look beautiful while durable.

60,000 SF Commercial Laundry Facility with Dyed and Polished Concrete in Houston, TX (Gray Ameripolish Dye)


Ameripolish Concrete Dye Colors: Standard Color Chart

Titus Restoration is experienced in dyeing polished concrete floors. Our specialized team can provide you with a floor that meets your expectations! Contact us for an estimate on dyed concrete floors.