Titus HP²™ | High Polished Concrete Floors System

Titus HP²™ stands for High Polish – High Performance. It is suitable for most commercial facilities such as grocery and hardware stores. Compared to our Titus Hybrid™, this system offers more protection and high reflectivity and shine. It can be applied to any floor and is versatile in design options. Learn more about polished concrete and it if is suitable for your facility here.

High Polished Concrete Floors Required High Refinement and High Polish and High Performance

Titus HP2 High polished concrete Floors have High reflectivity and high performance for concrete floors

A retail concrete floor polished with Titus HP2 Polished Concrete System.

Benefits of Titus HP²™ Polished Concrete are:

  • Increased Light Reflection
  • Increased Abrasion Resistance
  • Showroom Quality
  • Reduced Maintenance Time and Cost
  • Long Life Expectancy
  • Certified by the NFSI as High Traction
  • USDA and FDA Approved

As with all of our polishing we perform our work with water, the EPA preferred method to prevent the threat of Silicosis in your building, for your customer’s, and for our employee’s safety.

In addition, our HP²™ High Polished Concrete Floors System utilizes our proprietary lithium silicate densifier. This step in our process hardens the concrete during the polishing process and eliminates dusting making the floor easier to maintain and sealed. We also use our proprietary Stain Guard product to protect the polished concrete surface and prevents staining from a variety of common stains. Read more about our densifier and stain guard that is used in our High Polish / High Performance Polished Concrete Floor System.