The Reality of Polished Concrete

At Titus, we believe it is important to give our customers all the information they need to get the results they desire for their polished concrete floor project. Many might call these disadvantages of polished concrete, but we call it the reality and believe some of these things add character to your floor.  In this gallery titled, the reality of polished concrete, we will show you how little things can make a big difference in your finished floor. Disadvantages of polished concrete range from discoloration due to the placement of the concrete or deep stains and imprints that might be a deal breaker for you.

Browse these concrete floor polishing images and descriptions for more information on how protecting the floor during construction and making sure the concrete finishing specifications are followed to ensure you are getting the floor you want!

If you are renovating existing concrete, all of these images are something to consider; grinding and polishing concrete can uncover imperfections that you should be aware of before determining your flooring choice!