Corporate Officers

Phil Evans, President

Phil EvansPhil co-founded Titus in 2005 with his wife, Melinda.  Since 1972, Phil has successfully completed $65 million dollars of painting, special coatings, and concrete restoration projects. He spent 15 years with the nation’s 2nd largest heavy industrial coatings applicator gaining valuable experience.

In 1993, Phil initiated the start of a new company. This new firm emphasized highly technical & difficult coatings applications and projects requiring specialized protection of steel and concrete from harsh saltwater environments. The company incorporated slip resistance and very rapid cure materials, thus minimizing litigation for its customers.

In the spring of 2004, Phil sold the company and he moved with his family to the mountains of north Georgia. Today, Phil and his wife have launched Titus Restoration Services, Inc. located in Woodstock, GA, a suburb north of Atlanta. Titus installs polished concrete throughout the entire United States.

Melinda Evans, Vice President

melinda-evans“Easy to work with” are the words that best describe Melinda’s business style. Prior to co-founding Titus with her husband in 2005, Melinda compiled over 20 years of experience in corporate sales. Before leaving Corporate America, Melinda was the Director of Corporate Sales for the nation’s largest vendor of exclusive short term real estate office space, directing a sales force whose annual volume exceeded $30 million.

In 2005, Melinda quickly adapted to the concrete polishing world by getting her hands dirty for many years building the company with her husband. She still has that hands-on spirit in the field with the Titus Crews! Melinda’s focus on her passion for quality and results has blossomed into a driven team that has never let a customer down!


Amanda Humphries, Director of Operations

amanda-humphriesBefore joining Titus, Amanda operated Titus’ sister company that specializes in commercial kitchen exhaust systems. After developing a passion for the operations of the company, she handed over the reins and joined Titus to develop a similar operation management style within the company.

Since 2010, she now manages customers, crews, and projects for Titus. Some of her contributions include building a database system to integrate operations, sales, and administrative roles in the business to increase efficiency.  Her experience with processes and controls have contributed to the company’s quality manual developed in 2013.

Most recently, Amanda is studying sweating slab syndrome to provide the company with a competitive advantage in the field and will publish her work in December 2013. Amanda can be found in the office or in the field but is always communicating with customers and superintendents to ensure expectations are met and satisfaction is delivered.