Do You Know about Densifier? Here’s How It Affects the Process of Sealing Concrete Floors

process of sealing concrete floorsSealing concrete floors is a painstaking process that involves many important steps. Each specific task must be carefully completed in a specific order. After several rounds of grinding are completed, a flat and even surface is achieved and the slab is ready for a densifier. Applying a densifier, also known as a sealer,  accomplishes several important things for the slab. Keep reading to learn more about how a densifier affects the process of sealing concrete floors, or check out our page on sealed concrete here.

Densifier: What’s in it?

Densifier products are made with three chemical bases: potassium, sodium, and lithium. Titus Restoration only uses a lithium-based densifier. Our lithium-based densifier is not water soluble, unlike the other two formulas. This means the densifier will not be washed off over time. The tiny molecules in the lithium formula also allow it to penetrate deeper into the concrete slab than the other two products. The deep-penetrating lithium product creates a harder, denser concrete surface than you can get with other products.

Benefits of a Lithium Densifier

A concrete slab treated with a lithium densifier will not produce dust as opposed to other slabs. When a lower quality concrete floor surface creates a fine powdery dust, the substance can get everywhere. Foot traffic and machinery will track it all over the place. If it gets kicked up into the air by fans or breezes, people can breathe it in, potentially causing health hazards for anyone in the building.

Furthermore, this dust can coat any surface inside the facility. It can get inside products and machinery. Dusting concrete floors is a problem you definitely want to avoid, and you can easily accomplish this by having a good densifier applied to the slab.

Benefits of Choosing the Pros for Sealing Concrete Floors

Titus Restoration has many years of experience in perfecting the process of polishing and sealing concrete floors. Our technicians are trained to follow specific steps and use certain products and techniques to ensure the best possible concrete surface for each and every project.

We are the only concrete company to offer two National Floor Safety Institute (NSFI)-approved products, and we are extremely proud of this achievement.

Titus’s densifier formulas are suitable for sealing interior and exterior concrete surfaces alike. Sealing your concrete with our  densifiers will mean a higher sheen, less dusting, no scratching, and lower maintenance for your concrete floors if coupled with a polished floor.

Imagine not having to wax your floors. All it typically takes to keep polished concrete floors clean is regular dust mopping and an occasional mopping with water. For more information about sealing concrete floors, call Titus Restoration toll-free at 888 569-3914.