VCT and Ceramic Tile Removal Service

Looking for a contractor who can handle your VCT or Ceramic tile removal projects? Titus Restoration has the equipment necessary for any size VCT removal job. We also remove ceramic tiles and the mastics underneath them.

Tile Removal Project Types

VCT Removal is a form of tile removal that can be accomplished quickly and economically.

VCT Removal Exposes Cut Back Adhesive (or Black Mastic)

When there are large scale or difficult tile removal projects, Titus Restoration is the contractor equipped to handle the job. We are using the industry state of the art equipment to save our customers money on every kind of floor tile removal project like:

Vinyl Composition Tile or VCT:  VCT is a very common floor covering that is economical to install. However, over time, it deteriorates and needs replacement. When the time comes to replace VCT, a full removal is better than installing new tile on top of it. Once the tile is removed, there will be a layer of adhesive (often called cut-back or mastic). This will also require removing to bare concrete before the new flooring can be installed. Polishing the concrete under the VCT and mastic will provide a cheaper alternative to a new floor covering, but will expose VCT ghosting – a grid-like pattern – from where the tile used to be. Sometimes, thanks to our large Blastrac BMS 270 ride on tile scraper, we remove most of the mastic that is under the tiles during the tile removal process.

Ceramic Tile: Any type of ceramic tile may is more difficult (and thus, more expensive to remove). We still utilize a ride-on machine, however the adhesive for ceramic tile is not as simple to remove. There is a thicker layer of thin-set mastic under the ceramic that must be ground away prior to new flooring. If this adhesive is set deeper the the concrete in a mud bed, it could require rebuilding of that area before new flooring is installed.

When getting a quote about removing tile, it is important to know how many layers of vinyl tile are on the floor and if it is asbestos-containing. A trained, Titus Restoration estimator would be happy to help you with a formal quote on any tile removal projects.