Removing Warehouse Floor Marking Tape

Concrete floor marking tape is used in lieu of painted line stripes for striping purposes or at trade shows and convention centers to tape down carpet or other vendor flooring. These tapes leave adhesive residue on the concrete that can be challenging to remove, especially if there is a finish on the floor that you don’t want to ruin. Professional concrete floor tape removal can ensure the  floor tape and adhesive residue are fully removed and the floor finish is left in it’s prior condition.

Removing residue from concrete floor tape the right way!

Harsh chemicals, acids, citrus cleaners and even some soaps can dull the finish on a concrete floor leaving unsightly marks and discoloration. Concrete floor tape removal should be done with professional tooling and equipment to remove the tape and restore the finish on the floor. Below is an example of performing tape removal the wrong way. You can see the poor finish on the concrete – for convention centers the floor may be all the customer sees the first visit so a good impression is extremely important. In a warehouse environment this can mean difficult maintenance with a dull and dusty floor.

Concrete floor tape removal.

When concrete floor tape is removed, unsightly and difficult-to-remove residue remains on the floor.

Concrete floor tape residue removal.

Improper residue removal can dull the floor permanently.

The proper method for removing tape residue from a concrete floor is with diamond tooling on a buffer or grinder (depending on the floor conditions). First the tape is scraped up with a ride on scraper (if the floor size is very large) or with hand scrapers in smaller spaces. After the tape is removed and the residue remains, the diamond tooling will remove a thin layer of the top of the concrete taking the floor tape residue with it. Then the floor can be restored to a uniform look by blending the areas of removal back with the rest of the floor using a polishing or buffing method.

Don’t let concrete tape residue ruin your floors – consult with concrete professionals before attempting any in-house methods of removal!




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