The Top 5 Reasons for Polished Concrete Services

polished concrete servicesUnpolished concrete can experience an array of problems that polished concrete services can eliminate. Once you have invested in pouring a new concrete floor or repairing an old one, it just doesn’t make sense to not take it one step further and protect the floor by polishing it. Cutting costs, running behind schedule, needing to catch up on production losses, or trying to beat the weather are just a few of the excuses we have heard. If you still aren’t convinced that polished concrete services are necessary for your new facility, keep reading our top five reasons why they really are:

  1. Unpolished concrete that has been weakened in any way will experience dusting. Dusting is the formation of a fine chalky dust all over the concrete surface. Concrete dust is dangerous to inhale, and is irritating to the eyes, nose, throat, and skin. The dusting process is perpetual, which makes it seem like the floor is never really clean. Polished concrete services eliminate this health risk and improve working conditions for your staff.
  2. Unpolished concrete is drab and dull-looking with a matte grey finish. Polished concrete has increased light reflectivity, which improves indoor illumination to the benefit of your employees.
  3. Unpolished concrete is prone to damages from many causes. Any spills, impacts, or foot traffic can easily cause damage to the floor. Polished concrete has a certain level of protection from all of these hazards, which helps it remain unscathed and beautiful.
  4. Unpolished concrete is more fragile than polished concrete. It is much more likely to experience problems like cracking, pitting, and spalling, all of which require immediate repair in order to maintain the integrity of the concrete slab. Polished concrete is largely protected from such issues.
  5. Unpolished concrete is extremely difficult to keep clean. The smallest spills can create immediate stains that cannot be removed without resurfacing the slab. On the other hand, polished concrete usually just requires occasional mopping to stay looking beautiful.

This list doesn’t even address the pure aesthetic value of polished concrete. In smaller settings, polished concrete is sometimes mistaken for marble. While a factory or warehouse rarely needs to look that fancy, polished concrete still looks a lot better than bare grey concrete. Polishing the floors will also improve the value of the property, should you ever need to sell or lease it to someone else.

Countless property owners have trusted Titus Restoration for their polished concrete services. Our commitment to quality workmanship and outstanding customer service has kept us in business for decades. We only use the best products and equipment available, and we train our technicians to complete projects the right way.

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