Even Industrial Polished Concrete Floors Need Occasional Repairs. Here’s Some Basic Repair Info You Need to Know

industrial polished concreteConcrete floors normally require very little maintenance, but eventually, all industrial polished concrete floors will require some work. Their day-to-day care needs don’t amount to much, but various conditions beyond anyone’s control can cause damage to concrete.

Earth shifting underneath the slab can cause cracking. Changes in temperature and humidity can have the same effect. The only opportunity to prevent spalling (flaking and chipping of the surface) is to install the proper joint filling materials at the right time. Keep reading to learn what you need to know right now about repairing industrial polished concrete floors.

Catch Minor Problems before They Become Major Problems

The reality is, if your concrete floor hasn’t cracked yet, it will someday. Cracks are easiest to patch when they are small and minor. Patching these hairline cracks results in a smoother, more consistent finish. However, if machinery is allowed to continue driving over the crack, it will deteriorate and patching it will become a far bigger project. Bigger cracks sometimes require  joint stabilization to be used before the crack is patched. As you can see, early detection results in a faster, easier repair.

Once a hole or crack has been repaired, the area can be polished again. Maintaining a shiny surface holds different levels of importance for each facility. Properties with high shine concrete floors appreciate the light reflectivity they provide. In fact, polished concrete floors can reflect enough light that you could reduce how much artificial lighting you need to produce. For aesthetic reasons, too, it’s important to have a consistently polished floor.

Joint fillers are placed inside the cracks between concrete slabs. These durable and flexible products make a strong bond with the slabs on both sides of the joint. Joint fillers allow the slabs to expand and contract as conditions demand, while also preventing them from cracking during these constant shifts.

Get a Permanent Fix for Industrial Polished Concrete Floors

When an expert repairs industrial polished concrete floors, the repair should be considered a permanent fix. High-quality patching and filling products can make the slab strong and durable for many years to come. Professional concrete repair services should be trusted to ensure the safety of your staff and the value of your property. Plus, if your facility falls under USDA or FDA regulations, you know how important it is to have your concrete repaired promptly and correctly.

Titus Restoration specializes in repairing industrial polished concrete floors. Although our headquarters are in Woodstock, Georgia, we serve clients across the country with a wide variety of buildings and facilities. From patching holes to restoring entire concrete floors, our experienced and trained technicians know how to get it done right. To find out how Titus would recommend repairing your industrial polished concrete floors, call us toll-free at 888-569-3914.