Who Is Titus

Titus Restoration Services, Inc. was born from an experience and desire to be the best.  Our history is rooted in success and knowledge that has led us to become a premier Concrete Polishing company.

Introducing Titus Restoration A Company With Experienced Leadership

Phil Evans, co-owner, has over 34 years experience and $65 million dollars of successfully completed painting, special coatings, and concrete restoration projects. Phil began working in a family painting business as a teenager before starting Evans Painting in 1972.
Evans Painting became successful in painting commercial and industrial plants in the Midwest from 1972 to 1979. After Evans Painting, Phil began a career on a national scale with one of the largest heavy industrial contractors in the U.S.  After working in the Chicago, Los Angeles and Atlanta offices, first as a project engineer and estimator, Phil became Vice President for the Southeastern United States. He received extensive training and experience from these 15 years concerning restoring and protecting large structures from the harshest of elements. Some of the clients Phil served were among the construction industries’ largest contractors such as Fluor Constructors, C.F Braun, Martin K. Eby, SA Healy, Peter Kiewit, The Walsh Group, Morrison Knudsen, and McHugh Construction.

More Responsibility and Knowledge

During these years, Phil was responsible for bidding new construction projects for powerhouses, process plants, refineries and wastewater treatment plants. He was responsible for the estimating and successful bidding of the sandblasting and painting contract awarded in 1993 at the Arco Refinery in Watson, CA resulting in $26,000,000 in gross revenue and acted as the onsite Project Manager for the $6 million dollar cementitious fireproofing at Chicago’s McCormick Place II Expansion in 1985. This project was performed on a fast track schedule and completed in 3 months.

The First Venture

Phil’s ability to identify potentially good employees, recruit them and train them as Supervisors and Project Managers has been a great strength. This strength in accurately assessing the capabilities of personnel greatly proved to contribute to the success of Phil’s next venture; PremUS, a concrete restoration and specialty floor coating firm in Orlando FL. PremUS emphasized highly technical & difficult coatings applications and projects requiring specialized protection of steel and concrete from harsh saltwater environments. They incorporated slip resistance and rapid cure materials, thus minimizing litigation from slip/fall hazards for its customers. PremUS was an immediate success in the Florida theme parks.

Specialization and Moving

Many of the projects required 100% containments, whisperized equipment, dehumidification, special ventilation, sub-contractor furnished electrical, and critical interfacing with the owner’s operations and time frames to accommodate the clients’ on-going operations. Due to his prior heavy industrial experience and ability to perform to the highest standards, PremUS was became a preferred sub-contractor for Sea World and Disney in Orlando. In the spring of 2004, Phil and his family moved to the mountains of north Georgia and shortly after sold his interest in PremUS.

The Birth of Titus Restoration Services, Inc.

After 12 years as the spearheading founder / co-owner of PremUS, Phil launched Titus Restoration Services, Inc. in Atlanta. Titus Restoration Services, Inc. is located in Woodstock, GA, a suburb north of Atlanta. Titus performs Concrete Polishing, serving the entire United States.  Titus’ highly experienced team has, for decades, been among the most dedicated and best in the industry. Titus’ experience assures you that the crew on your project is safe, well equipped, hand-picked, and carefully supervised. Titus Restoration Services, Inc. looks forward to serving you.

Mission Statement

Our Customers are the sole reason we exist

It is they who define our business.
We listen to them and strive to meet their needs.
We go where they need us – when they need.

Our Vision begins with a simple premise

Our customers want us to do our best,
Our customers want us to do what we say we will do,
Our customers want us to perform on time,
Our customers want us to stand behind our work,

This has been the journey to our success.

Our People are the reason we succeed

They share in our vision and in our rewards.
Their dedication and sense of pride in satisfying our customers
are the reason for our success.

Our Goal is to do our best today and improve on that tomorrow

To provide the highest quality state of the polished concrete floors,
and the on time service our customers want and deserve.

Our Company is here to serve YOU