Carpet Removal Service

After a commerical carpet removal project, the mastic remains and needs to be removed.

Mastic Remaining after Carpet Removal

Commercial properties requiring carpet removal in large spaces can rely on a commercial contractor with ride-on equipment to cost-effectively and within your project’s time frame.

Carpet Removal Projects:

  • Carpet Removal: For projects where the carpet removal only is required, Titus can provide the labor and equipment to remove the carpet and dispose of it for you. For jobs with small rooms Titus has walk behind, air-powered tooling to remove carpet. For larger rooms, a ride-on scraper is cost effective and fast! Removing the carpet alone will expose the mastic beneath it making it difficult to perform an installation of new flooring.
  • Carpet & Mastic Removal: To remove the carpet and the mastic to bare concrete requires extra machinery. Most of the mastic (Carpet adhesive) will be removed with the scraper, but what remains will be sticky and unsightly. The remaining adhesive can be ground down to the bare concrete. This leaves you with a blank canvas to re-carpet, install new flooring, or polishing the existing floor beneath it.
  • Carpet Removal with Polished Concrete: A polished concrete floor is a green alternative to other flooring options. In addition, it is cost effective (because we have already started the process by removing the mastic) and it is the most maintenance-friendly flooring available today. With water only this floor is maintained – and it outlasts any other flooring option as it is durable enough for any environment and does not require replacement. Read more about the benefits of polished concrete here.

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