Concrete Floor Cleaning

Are maintenance issues causing your facility frustrations? Do dusting concrete and black tire marks can seem impossible to clean? Your employees, your customers, and your products don’t appreciate a dirty floor! Let our concrete floor cleaning company help! Our process is performed with diamond tooling, the ultimate way to clean concrete floors!

The Ultimate Concrete Floor Cleaning Process from A Concrete Floor Cleaning Company You Can Trust:

With diamond impregnated tooling, a thin layer of the concrete is completely removed and surfaces stains and grime are removed with it. The floor can then be resealed and restored to a desired level of sheen. Note: Stains that have penetrated the concrete may not be completely removed, but can be prevented in the future if properly restored. This process is far superior to autoscrubbing with solutions, steam cleaning, or any other methods of cleaning concrete because the diamond-grinding process actually removes a thin layer of concrete giving it a like-new and surface stain-free surface.

We are a concrete floor cleaning company you can trust!

A concrete floor cleaning company like Titus Restoration can remove:

  • Black Tire Marks
  • Surface Stains
  • Grime and Build Up
  • And restore your concrete floors and prevent future frustrations!

Removing Black Tire Marks & Dust from Warehouse Concrete Floors:

Titus Restoration is a concrete floor cleaning company and concrete restoration company with years of experience in improving your frustrations with your warehouse floors. From black tire mark build-up to annoying dusty concrete floors we can reduce your maintenance time and cost by cleaning and sealing your concrete floors!

Are you looking to end concrete floor maintenance and cleaning issues for good? With a diamond cleaning process and hybrid polish you can have a floor that will maintain its cleanliness with just water and autoscrubbers alone. Read more about our Hybrid Polished Concrete process here.