Industrial Concrete Floor Repair | Concrete Cracks, Spalls, & Joint Damage

Titus Restoration is specialized in commercial and industrial concrete floor repair. We perform industrial concrete repair and concrete restoration where damage has occurred or needs prevention. We repair concrete cracks, concrete spalling, and joint repair such as stabilization, rebuilding, and sealing. We use the highest quality concrete products to perform aesthetic and structural mortar repairs to ensure lasting results. In addition, other concrete repair products are utilized for patching concrete and concrete crack repair where weathering and settling have damaged the concrete slab. Our concrete floor repair services are detailed below.

 Warehouse & Industrial Concrete Floor Repair Services

concrete floor repair contractor restores concreteCracked Concrete: The truth is, if your concrete hasn’t cracked yet…it will. If the cracked concrete is fresh due to settling, it might be small, but over time with forklift and foot traffic, its damage will increase and require a concrete crack filler or in some cases concrete patching. In order to fix cracked concrete, concrete crack filler can be applied depending on the size. For large concrete crack repair contact us to discuss the extent of the damaged concrete floor as sometimes these are structural cracks that may require expansion joint stabilization and repair, read more here. 


Pitted concrete is often thought of as not fixable, with a concrete floor repair expert, we can skim coat these holes and polish the surface. Concrete Pitting or Divots: Concrete pitting is usually the result of some type of manufacturing or machine operation. It is common in automobile service bays and manufacturing plants where bolts and tools are dropped from overhead. Concrete pitting can be remedied with several different concrete repair products. If concrete pitting is not corrected it can develop into larger concrete holes overtime. Titus is equipped with many different applications for industrial concrete floor repair like this. Holes and concrete pitting may be skim-coated with a durable treatment or cut out and patched with a thorough mortar repair. The concrete patching compound is chosen based on the appropriate needs of the customer’s needs and budget. Concrete patching can be very useful tool to your floor to prevent injuries. Read more about resurfacing concrete floors here.


Industrial Concrete floor repairConcrete Spalling and Erosion: Concrete spalling is often unavoidable unless it is prevented at the time of pour. The concrete design mix must be adhered to (not over-watering) as to not weaken the slab. Spalling concrete is noticeable as flaking or chipped concrete at the surface. Even if you feel that these things are purely cosmetic, overtime they can cause structural issues to the foundation and weaken the slab itself. Similar to our patching of holes and concrete pitting, Titus has various industrial concrete floor repair options as well as other durable concrete repair products suitable to address your concrete repair needs. Read more about repairing eroded concrete floors.


Warehouse Concrete Joint Repair Services:

warehouse floor repairs needed. Damaged or Spalled Joint Repair: Concrete joint repair is a common problem seen in industrial concrete floors. Many of our customers have tried repairing this problem themselves, but they are merely putting a band aid over the problem and not addressing the root cause. When repairing concrete joints (either expansion joints or control joints and even structural concrete cracks ), it is important to understand the cause of the problem and to chose the right concrete joint filler. Read more on our industrial joint repair services.

Industrial strength concrete floor repairs

Joint Rebuilding: When the concrete joint damage is far too damaged ( a joint widened over 1″), it is time for a joint rebuilding concrete repair. This type of repair requires more steps than minor joint repair, but the downtime is often under 2 hours per area. See this process in detail by clicking here.






Factory Floor Repairs


Joint Stabilization from Rocking Slabs: Warehouses and manufacturing facilities are constantly facing issues with damage to their concrete from heavy forklift traffic, especially at the joints. Much of this concrete joint damage is caused by the movement of the slab when heavy forklift traffic passes over it. Titus is proud to be a part of this solution to damaged joints and concrete by being an approved applicator of the Somero Matson Group’s SD Joint Saver. The Somero Matson joint saver is designed to reduce deflection to meet or exceed the American Concrete Institute (ACI) standards for joint deflection. These standards allow for .010 inches deflection at joints where small tire forklifts are used and to .020 deflection at joints where large tire forklifts are used. Read more on rocking and shifting slabs here.