Titus Hybrid™ | Industrial & Warehouse Polished Concrete System

Titus Hybrid ™ Warehouse Polished Concrete is an excellent way to restore concrete floors. It is ideal for large spaces, such as manufacturing environments, distribution centers, and large warehouses because of its cost effectiveness and reduced maintenance cost.  Compared to our HP2 (High Polished Concrete) System it is considerably less expensive and the silicate densifiers and stain protection are excellent alternates to conventional topical warehouse concrete sealers.

A Warehouse Polished Concrete System For Durability and Maintenance

Titus Hybrid™ Warehouse Polished Concrete varies in sheen based on the customer’s needs. Based on budget, it can be as simple as applying a silicate densifier and burnishing the floor to give a clean, dust-free environment, or additional steps can be taken to increase durability and reduce the maintenance cost.

The benefits of concrete polishing and sealing are:

  • Certified by the NFSI for High Traction
  • Reduced Maintenance Cost
  • Suitable for forklift traffic or other wheeled equipment
  • Concrete dusting is eliminated for up to 20 years
  • There is no topical coating to wear off and reapply
  • Warehouse polished concrete cost is significantly lower than full concrete polishing as seen in retail environments.
  • The floor is more easily maintained
  • Tire marks are reduced and are more easily removed
  • Forklift tire life is extended
  • Can be applied in cold temperatures
  • USDA and FDA approved
  • Stain protection may be added

Polished concrete is more affordable than epoxy coatings:

Why are people switching from epoxy coatings to polished concrete? There is a significant savings in installing polished concrete flooring versus epoxy coatings, but there is more! Maintenance costs are reduced and the flooring never has to be replaced. For an industrial environment, concrete floor maintenance is extremely important; why not switch to easiest to maintain floor and start saving today!

Let Titus Restoration Services, Inc. restore your concrete floors to one that is easy to maintain. Our warehouse polished concrete flooring is a budget-friendly option that will outlast any other flooring available. Ask us about our polished concrete maintenance program. Either we reapply stain protection and re-burnish your floors or show you how to maintain the shine of your polished concrete floor via a maintenance program we develop with you.