Polished Concrete Floors

Titus Restoration has many years of polished concrete experience to bring to your project! Our polishing processes are derived from that experience thus resulting in polished concrete floors that meet your expectations and budget.

To learn more about concrete polishing follow these links for detailed information on our most frequently asked questions on concrete polishing:

Because of its cost effectiveness and low maintenance polished concrete is the flooring finish of choice for many today.  It is ideal in any environment or facility including: churches, schools, grocery stores, factories, manufacturing plants, warehouses, industrial facilities, aircraft hangars, dollar stores, hardware stores or big box retailers.

Concrete polishing is here to stay for new construction or renovations. In fact, polished concrete floors are vastly becoming the preferred alternate to vinyl tile (VCT) in many retail stores, schools, and offices. Many of today’s top architects are specifying concrete as a green and healthy building solutions.

Some topics on our Blog about Polished Concrete Flooring:

  • Did you know that polished concrete floors is a great way to add to your energy efficiency goals? There are several ways that concrete polishing (also known as diamond grinding concrete) contributes to green building solutions and energy efficient and sustainable architecture.
  • Polished Concrete is a great way to clean warehouse concrete floors, remove tire marks, and to brighten dirty concrete to increase reflectance and reduce the need for lighting.
  • Concrete polishing is USDA and FDA approved flooring and meets the requirements for most pharmaceutical warehouses, food and beverage plants, and other manufacturing or distribution centers where USDA or FDA approval is needed.

Choosing a Quality Polished Concrete Contractor

Titus believes that our highly-trained and specialized concrete polishing and repair team is above the competition because:


Titus’ polished concrete products are seen in many major retailers and industrial warehouses throughout the country.

We have a High Polished Concrete System for retailers and a Hybrid Polished Concrete System for industrial facilities.

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