Do You Think You Really Know How to a Clean Concrete Floor? Read This and Find Out

clean concrete floor titus restorationSay one of your employees spills something in the warehouse, and now you need to clean up your concrete floor. Accidents happen, right? Well do you know that how you clean up that accident depends on what exactly has been spilled? Your concrete floor is normally fairly easy to clean and maintain, but spilling liquids on it can create unique situations.

Different spills and various kinds of cleaning products have unique effects on concrete, and it’s important to know how to handle each potential situation. Keep reading to learn the best ways to clean your concrete floor:

  • If your employee spilled water onto the concrete, simply mop it up as quickly as possible. This should avoid any permanent water spots developing in the concrete due to water seeping through the protective layers.
  • Some stains do penetrate deeply and cannot be removed. Some examples of staining materials include oil, hydraulic fluids, and rust.
  • If you use machinery such as forklifts inside the facility, always make sure that those pieces of equipment have non-marking tires. Tire marks are extremely difficult to clean, and are sometimes impossible to remove from concrete without resurfacing the slab.
  • Consider placing mats at entry points to catch some of the dirt that would otherwise be tracked throughout the facility via shoes and equipment.
  • Daily dust mopping is a good first step toward keeping your concrete floors looking clean.
  • Mop at least once a week with clean water.
  • If your floors really start to look dingy, a pH-neutral cleaning product can safely clean the surface. Always rinse the floor with water after using a cleaning product.
  • Never use harsh cleaners in an attempt to remove stubborn marks from concrete floors. Ammonia, bleach, and other acidic or basic cleaning products will weaken and possibly damage the concrete floor.
  • Eventually, most concrete floors get so dirty they need to be resurfaced. This process involves removing the top layer and then honing and polishing the slab.

A clean concrete floor promotes the health and safety of your employees. It can prevent respiratory irritation from dust collected on the concrete. A clean polished concrete floor is highly reflective, which reduces the amount of artificial lighting required. Clean, dry concrete reduces the likelihood of slip-and-fall accidents, too. Therefore, it’s important to understand the basic steps necessary to keep a tidy concrete floor.

Titus Restoration provides concrete floor polishing services to businesses that need their slabs to stay clean and stain free. Resurfacing concrete is often the only way to get rid of set-in dirt and restore the concrete to its former luster and beauty.

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