Considering Flooring Options for Your Warehouse? Here’s a Breakdown of Polished Concrete Floor Benefits

Polished Concrete Floor BenefitsThe perfect time to consider the many polished concrete floor benefits is when you are building a new warehouse or rehabilitating an existing one. There are a lot of important decisions to be made when you are in the process of moving your company into a new warehouse location. Compared to other warehouse flooring types, polished concrete floors have so much more to offer in terms of functionality and appearance.

No matter what industry you work in, concrete floors are an attractive, affordable, and durable choice for your warehouse. To help you make your flooring decision, here is a complete breakdown of the many polished concrete floor benefits:

Cost Savings

Using your building’s concrete slab for the finished floor surface is cost efficient and brings with it lower maintenance costs than many other flooring types require.

Easy Maintenance

A polished concrete floor is easy to clean, and responds beautifully to autoscrubbing or mopping with water alone. Unlike other flooring types, concrete doesn’t requires messy wax or other regular coating applications (like VCT), which also saves you the time, effort, and expense needed to apply these products.


The shiny polished concrete floor surface can withstand forklift traffic, dropped tools, and most stains from spilled liquids. VCT or Epoxy floors do not have the same durability. These problems are not a worry when you have concrete floors.

Resists Moisture Problems

Polished concrete floors allow moisture to seep in and out; they are breathable. This eliminates issues that arise with other flooring materials that seal the concrete slab.

Highly Reflective

Glossy polished concrete reduces the need for artificial lighting by reflecting existing light and brightening the space naturally. It also promotes a cheerful and professional work space for your employees.


Polished concrete flooring does not involve health and environmental hazards, like toxic adhesives, which virtually all other flooring types contain. The chemicals used to polish concrete do not pose a danger to your staff members’ or environmental health.

The benefits of industrial polished concrete flooring abound. Titus Restoration specializes in installing polished concrete floors for warehouses of all types and sizes, and our experienced crew members are experts in the field. We know that we can exceed your expectations for your concrete project.

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