The Importance of the Right Concrete Floor Sealers

concrete floor sealersConcrete floor sealers do a lot to improve the appearance, durability, and cleanliness of the concrete slab to which they are applied. The right concrete sealing product will create a strong surface that is easy to clean and maintain. These products also improve the health conditions within the building by reducing dust and other allergens trapped inside. Plus, they reflect any light in the space, reducing the need for artificial lighting, which can potentially reduce electricity costs.

Permanent Dustproofing

One primary reason for using concrete floor sealers is permanent dustproofing. A concrete floor that has not been properly treated with one of the available high quality sealers will never be completely clean or dustproof. Untreated concrete often produces a fine white dust that can result in a maintenance nightmare. There  is only one way to stop warehouse floor dusting: applying a penetrating concrete floor sealer.

A clean warehouse floor needs to be free of dust. This is especially true for buildings that undergo FDA or USDA inspections, such as food processing plants. Having this dust stir up and then settle on equipment or products is a big problem. And if any of your employees has asthma or other breathing conditions, the concrete dust can wreak havoc on their health and lead to Silicosis.


A good densifier is the first step to sealing and creating dust-free concrete floors. Densifiers react with the concrete slab by filling the natural pores in the slab. These products react with the free lime by converting them to a gel inside the concrete pores and harden the surface. A densifier works inside the concrete; this means that there is no coating to wear off or replace.

The densification process also makes your concrete harder and more durable. When a penetrating densifier is used as part of a polished concrete process, the pores of the concrete are sealed from dust, the surface is strengthened and is more durable. A polished and sealed concrete floor is able to withstand machinery and pedestrian traffic.

Go with the Concrete Sealing Pros

With many years in the concrete floor sealing business, Titus Restoration knows a thing or two about sealed concrete floors. We work closely with property owners to ensure we can complete projects on-time and within the budget. Our experienced crew members can quickly analyze the type and condition of your concrete slab and recommend the best concrete floor sealers for the job.

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