Is the No-Maintenance Floor a Scam? The Truth from a Polished Concrete Contractor

Polished Concrete ContractorSome polished concrete contractors may try to tell you that once your concrete floor is sealed, you won’t have to worry about maintenance. They may even try to convince you that routine cleaning is merely an option, or that the floor will never need to be resurfaced, or that it’s indestructible. If this all sounds too good to be true, that’s because it is.

On the other hand, a low-maintenance polished concrete floor is a completely reasonable expectation. There are also many things that your polished concrete contractor can do to help improve the durability and longevity of your concrete. Hardening the concrete with a densifier and strengthening the polish with a stain protectant are just two specialized processes that a good polished concrete contractor should offer to you.

If you have an existing concrete floor that needs to be evened out, resurfaced, cleaned, patched, or re-sealed, a reputable polished concrete contractor should give you plenty of options for service. Depending on your industry, manufacturing, retail, or warehousing, there are varying polished concrete options. They vary in shine, and unit price, but the durability is the same.

One method of preparing the concrete surface is wet grinding. This process involves using a diamond-infused material to gradually sand off the top layer of the concrete. At Titus Restoration, we prefer wet grinding over dry grinding because it minimizes dust in the air. We believe this is the safest, healthiest option for you, as well as for our crew members.

Why Choose a Trusted Polished Concrete Contractor?

The right polished concrete contractor will determine the best polish products to use for your concrete project. The location and intended use of the area will help determine which products and methods your contractor will use to harden, seal, and polish your concrete floor.

After your contractor has done everything he can to provide the best quality concrete floor surface, keeping it clean should be a breeze. Most customers find that a daily dust mopping is just about all they need to do. Occasionally, the concrete should be mopped with water. Rarely is a cleaning agent required, depending on the traffic the floor incurs.

When your polished concrete floor does need a proper scrubbing, your contractor should recommend a pH-neutral detergent that will help maintain the integrity and strength of your floor surface.

At this point, you probably have some questions about polished concrete floors and where you can find a trusted contractor for your project. Titus Restoration has many years experience finishing concrete floors for customers all over the country. From repairing cracks to finishing brand new concrete, we have done and seen it all.

For further proof, click to check out some dramatic before and after images of projects our polished concrete contractors have completed.