Got Flooring? How to Transition from Old Flooring to Concrete Polished Floors

Concrete Polished FloorsFor the average business, getting rid of old flooring before transitioning to concrete polished floors can look like an overwhelming and backbreaking task. Ripping up old carpet, pulling up layers of laminate, and then figuring out how to scrape up the stubborn old adhesive – wouldn’t it be easier to just sell the place and move?

Titus Restoration has been performing flooring demolition for a long time. From large office and warehouse buildings to busy retail spaces, we have the tools and knowledge to make short work of any flooring demolition project. Our specialized equipment can quickly remove vinyl flooring, carpet, tile, and other materials. We also use the best products and methods available to remove old adhesives from the concrete slab, which is an important step in preparing the concrete to become gorgeous polished floors.

Discovering the beauty hidden within your concrete slab is always an adventure. You never know what will reveal itself during the refinishing process. Because of the mix design of concrete, there are various finish options that can expose the aggregates (see our blog on aggregate exposures of polished concrete). In renovated floors, it is common to see varied aggregate exposures because the slabs were not poured to specifications for polishing. These attributes give character which can produce incredible and unique floors throughout your warehouse, retail space, or office.

Titus Restoration uses top quality densifiers, stain protectants, and equipment to produce concrete polished floors. Our technicians polish the floor and burnish stain protectant into it using diamond tools specifically for making strong, polished concrete. We have been polishing concrete for a long time, yet each transformation is always stunning. You never really know what will be uncovered within a concrete slab – it’s sort of like a treasure hunt.

Concrete polished floors are also very easy, and affordable, to maintain. Regular maintenance with water alone is all they need to maintain their luster and durability.  In addition to maintenance savings, polished concrete typically reduces energy bills with higher reflectivity and brightness will improve right away with polished concrete floors.

Are you a “seeing is believing” kind of person? We get it. Titus Restoration understands that most commercial property and business owners prefer to explore all building renovation options thoroughly before making a decision. Our proof is in the pictures. Just take a look for yourself and let us know if you have any questions.

Click here to see the magic for yourself by browsing dramatic before and after images of concrete polished floors we have created over at our gallery.