A Basic Guide to Concrete Floor Refinishing

concrete floor refinishingIf you have acquired an existing building with an old concrete floor, we suggest you look into concrete floor refinishing. Concrete floors are an increasingly popular alternative to more traditional flooring. They are incredibly durable compared to other flooring types, and they are very easy to clean and maintain.


However, when it comes to concrete floor that is old, damaged, or was previously covered by some kind of flooring surface, refinishing is in order. It’s not a step you can skip or tackle yourself, and still get good results. If the previous flooring was glued to the concrete, the remaining adhesive residue will need to be removed first. There are lots of products available that make this process fairly easy, although time-consuming. After the old adhesive is gone, Titus Restoration can prepare the surface for the new flooring or polish the concrete for a new, lasting finish.

The Polishing Process

Using concrete polishing for a concrete floor refinishing project can transform removing the dirty top layer and smoothing the surface. Diamond grinding discs refine the concrete and hone it to a sheen. What was once a plain, chalky surface is now light reflectant and easy to clean concrete slab that is more durable.

The concrete polishing process can remove paint, adhesives, and most other old unsightly marks from the concrete surface. It can also strengthen and dustproof the surface with penetrating sealers, reducing the needed maintenance and making this and ideal refinishing process. The wet polishing process mitigates dust with water and is recovered easily during this process, keeping your space clean and safe for breathing.

Crack Repair and Stain Protection

Once the resurfacing is completed, cracks in the slab will be repaired to ensure a smooth, solid, and safe floor surface is produced. After that, the slab can be prepared for a top coat of stain protection, another penetrating sealer that allows the surface to be even more reflective and easier to clean. Titus Restoration uses specialized  equipment to help ensure a long-lasting and beautiful polished concrete surface is the result.

Concrete floor refinishing is a great choice for practically any kind of space with a concrete slab. Even many damaged concrete floors are good candidates for resurfacing. The resurfacing process brings out a natural beauty in the concrete that you don’t see every day. If you are looking for a unique flooring solution that is cost-effective and easy to take care of, then concrete floor refinishing may be just the right option for you.

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