Do You Know How to Polish a Commercial Concrete Floor? You Will After Reading This

polished commercial concrete floorPolishing a commercial concrete floor is a big job. Even for a relatively small concrete surface, the amount of work it takes is still impressive because there are many steps that must be carefully completed in a specific sequence. This amount of care is necessary for ensuring the strongest, most attractive and long-lasting polished concrete possible.

If you have never polished a commercial concrete floor, check out the five steps below to learn about the process:

  1. Diamond grinding with a coarse grit aggressively removes the top layers of the concrete floor. This step of the process removes upper layers of damaged concrete, adhesives, or other products that were previously applied to the slab. This step is necessary for wiping the slate clean and preparing the concrete for the rest of the process.
  2. Refining the scratch pattern with finer grit grinding pads gets the scratch marks closer together and evens out the concrete surface. This step can actually involve many different grinding processes, because it’s important to follow successive grits of grinding to achieve a hone before applying any products to the slab.
  3. Adding a densifier hardens and seals the concrete. There are a lot of different types of densifiers on the market, but using lithium densifiers create the hardest concrete surface, by penetrating deeper and reacting slower with the concrete. A lithium densifier helps protect the concrete from future damage by hardening it and giving it dustproofing power.
  4. Fine diamond grinding is performed next to polish the surface and prepare it for a stain protection product. Depending on the level shine desired, this step can go to very high grits for a shinier and more reflective surface.
  5. The stain protection product is another penetrating product. It gets burnished into the concrete at high temperatures, it is not a topical sealer that will ever peel off. . After installation, the floor has a medium to  high-gloss finish and is well protected against damages from many types of spills, foot traffic, machinery, and dropped items.

Polishing your commercial concrete floors can accomplish a lot of things. First, it provides a good amount of protection for the concrete floor itself. Having a smooth slab surface is ideal if you have foot traffic or machinery like forklifts traveling around the facility.

Titus Restoration specializes in polished commercial concrete floors for facilities of all types and sizes. From new retail locations to rehabilitated warehouses, our expert technicians can assess, repair, troubleshoot, and polish concrete floors.

With our level of experience in concrete floors, we know the best path to the very finest concrete floors is not an easy path. But we always use the top products and proven methods, not cheap sealers and shortcuts.

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