The Best Sealant for Concrete Floors

What to look for when choosing sealant for concrete floor projects. When choosing a concrete sealer it is important to understand the differences and the benefits of what’s available. Learning what is the best sealant for concrete floors depends on your floors: What is the environment, are there special requirements by USDA or FDA, does it require chemical resistance, and how much traffic will it be exposed to?

Types of Sealants for Concrete Floors:

Topical Concrete Sealers: The traditional sealant for concrete floors is a topical sealer or coating. While eliminating dust and increasing cleanability, these sealers might be clear or tinted epoxies, urethanes, or other paintable products. They perform well in some environments; however, if traffic is high their life is ultimately shortened. A good (expensive) coating like this will eventually require a recoating every 5-7 years under high traffic. These concrete sealers are not immune to black tire marks or other staining. In addition, if moisture vapor transmission is present within the slab, these will fail within the 1st year sometimes. A good installer will perform several moisture tests prior to installation. They will also provide thorough surface preparation to ensure a good bond. All of these variables make topical concrete sealers an expensive choice.

Penetrating Concrete Sealers: If sealed concrete is your ideal goal then a penetrating sealant for concrete floors is right for you. This is a permanent choice for dust proofing the concrete. It is often very inexpensive as surface prep and moisture are not factors in the installation. However, applying a penetrating sealer only will not provide an easily cleanable surface. To incorporate cleanability with the permanence of this type of sealer, a polished concrete floor is required. Polishing concrete is a process, not a product, and therefore will not deteriorate like a topical coating will. Though it’s luster may wear down, its durable and cleanable properties will not. And the shine can be brought back easily and economically!

Specialty Concrete Sealers:

USDA / FDA Approved Concrete Flooring: Many epoxies and specialty coatings are USDA and FDA Approved flooring systems. Polished concrete is also on the approved flooring list. Because of its superior maintenance and longevity it is a cost-effective alternative to expensive coatings.

Acid and Chemical Resistant Concrete Sealers: Polished concrete is not resistant to large amounts of acid and chemical exposure. In these circumstances specialty acid resistant of chemical resistant sealant for concrete floors is required.

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