Performing Industrial Concrete Floor Repairs Before its too Late

A floor in need of industrial concrete floor repairs typically presents structural cracking and deterioration.

Restore concrete floor surfaces and restore efficiency!

Concrete floor restoration is often an oversight in industrial buildings. There are many other things that take precedence such as lighting, forklift repairs, and increasing production. However, over time what seems like a small issues can turn into a large and expensive industrial concrete floor repairs.

What are the Signs Industrial Concrete Floor Repairs Are Needed:

1. Structural Cracking: Cracks that are wider than a credit card width, are continuous, or cause a change in plane are considered structural. When structural cracks are present, there is typically a severe issue with the slab. Either settling or a void underneath the slab has occurred and industrial concrete floor repairs are required. If the damage is still new, the slab can be stabilized and the cracks can be filled to mitigate further surface damage. A site visit or pictures will be required to determine if total slab replacement can be avoided.

2. Surface Deterioration: Many times, due to heavy forklift traffic, the hard cap (or the top layer) of the concrete slab is worn away. This reveals a softer and weaker layer of concrete and creates dusting issues and maintenance issues. In addition, without some type of industrial concrete floor repairs, or resurfacing, the problem will persist and just get worse. Grinding the concrete back to a smooth state, and installing a penetrating sealer to re-harden the concrete and provide a sound surface to for forklift traffic to return to.

3. Joint Damage: When joints are unfilled, they are prone to spall. This starts out as small chips away at the concrete, and turns into large divots (described as potholes by the forklift drivers). Most facilities will fill them with epoxy to bridge the gap and ignore industrial concrete repairs best practices. A certified industrial joint repair specialist will be able to properly assess the damage, rebuild the joint, and restore a sound surface for forklift travel that should last for at least 10 years.

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Titus Restoration is certified in industrial concrete floor repair and has performed several structural crack, surface deterioration and resurfacing, and joint rebuilding projects for slabs that endure heavy, high volume forklift travel. Contact us today for a free site evaluation.