Industrial Concrete Surface Repair

Watermarked DSC02452Forklift drivers and maintenance crews often suffer from damaged concrete. From drivers losing loads and damaged forklifts to impossible cleanliness is there a way to remedy this?

Concrete Surface Repair Methods:

Many companies and facilities managers attempt to do the concrete surface repair themselves. Often, this results in failed repairs and the problem returns. So, what are the solutions for damaged concrete …before it gets worse?

Industrial Strength Concrete Repair Products and Services: A certified and qualified concrete surface repair contractor will perform the necessary steps to make your repairs last – hopefully forever! By properly assessing the damage and the needs of the facility, they can determine the products and the preparation needed. Most times, the concrete surface repair can be achieved with little to no downtime to not interrupt your production.

Typical concrete repairs include:

  • Crack Repair: For many, cracks in concrete may not be a cause for concern. But over time small cracks cause points of impact for wheeled traffic and become big cracks or even large divots that are now serious safety issues for forklift drivers. By cleaning and sealing the cracks, these points of impact are eliminated keeping the slab safe from further damage. In addition, if chemicals are being used on the floor or the facility is used for food storage or manufacturing, then the EPA, FDA, and USDA may require cracks be sealed for contamination purposes.
  • Joint Repair: Similar to crack repair, joints that are unfilled are places where the concrete is subject to damage. Concrete surface repair is required to repair these joints from causing bigger issues. Filling joints when the building is built is ideal, however, if that is not in the budget at the time, the joints may suffer from minor spalls and unraveling. Repairing spalled joints is often 2 or 3 times as expensive as filling them before they get damaged; however it can save you 10 times the damage repair if they get too spalled. Joints that are severely damaged require a joint rebuild to restore the integrity of the joint and the surface of the slab.
  • Bolt Hole Repair: When racking or equipment is moved, the bolts that remain in the concrete should be cut down flush with the concrete. Again, this causes points of impact and the concrete could deteriorate worse. Repairing them immediately is ideal to prevent costly repairs down the road.

Titus Restoration is specialized in the concrete surface repairs mentioned above. We have performed several projects across the United States restoring concrete slabs that have been damaged by forklift traffic. For more information, contact us today.