Have You Considered Industrial Foundation Repair in 2015?

Industrial Foundation RepairDamage to your industrial foundation is a virtual certainty, and industrial foundation repairs can be just what you need to get the foundation safe and secure. Concrete is a porous slab laid atop a sub-base, which can shift, lose and gain moisture, and transfer those changes to the concrete. Depending on the concrete reinforcements (rebar), the composition of the concrete itself, and the amount and type of traffic the concrete endures, foundation issues such as structural cracking, sinking slabs, and much more can occur.

Depending on your facility and its location, industrial foundation repairs could be simple or extensive. If the conditions at your location have led to cracks in your industrial foundation, keep reading to learn why you need to consider having it repaired in 2015.

Industrial concrete repair is an extremely common request for manufacturing and warehouse facilities. With heavy equipment and machinery traversing the concrete all the time, it’s no wonder the concrete underfoot develops cracks. Front end loaders, forklifts, assembly lines, shelves full of inventory and parts, perhaps even the occasional chemical spill – your concrete floor takes a beating! For the safety of your staff members, and for the longevity of your equipment, repairing your industrial foundation is a must.

Various issues can cause cracks in the concrete. A weak sub-base underneath the building is one example of these issues. Damaged concrete joints can also cause cracks. Cracked concrete causes an unstable concrete floor, and that’s a serious safety hazard for everyone in the building.

It’s important to address cracked concrete problems right away, because these types of problems only get worse with time. You might be surprised by how quick and effective joint stabilization and crack filling services are in improving working conditions in your building. A good concrete company can skillfully repair the surface to  retain a smooth working surface with little to interruption to your production.

Putting off concrete repairs is almost never a good idea. You might be concerned about shutting down your facility while the concrete is fixed because it leads to production loss, puts your operation behind schedule, and reduces work hours for your employees. However, cracked concrete definitely needs to be repaired. Ideally, the issues should be addressed as soon as it’s identified. This is the best way to protect your staff, equipment, and inventory. Stabilizing and repairing the concrete right away is also the best way to prevent further damages to the concrete.

Titus Restoration specializes in industrial concrete repair and restoration. Our concrete experts have the experience and knowledge to address virtually any concrete issues. We know how to restore the integrity and beauty of even the roughest concrete slabs. From stabilizing the slab, to filling joints, to polishing the slab to your ideal specifications, Titus offers full-service concrete repairs.

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