How to Know When It’s Time for Concrete Floor Damage Repair

Concrete Floor Damage RepairPerhaps your facility has some visible concrete floor damage, and you aren’t sure whether it requires immediate repair. Downtime, production loss, repair cost, the hassle of finding a reputable concrete repair company, and other factors may encourage you to delay making repairs to the floor. After all, how much trouble can a cracked piece of concrete really cause? You might be surprised by the extended influence a single crack can have on your business. So how do you know when it’s time for concrete floor damage repair?

For many companies, there are three major concerns when it comes to damaged concrete in a warehouse or factory floor. The first is the safety of their employees. If you have a lot of foot traffic crisscrossing the floor all day (and maybe all night), an uneven concrete crack becomes a safety hazard. At some point, a busy staff member may catch his toe on that crack. A nasty fall can lead to pain and suffering for your employee, and workmen’s compensation costs for you.

The second concern with a cracked concrete floor is additional wear and tear on machinery. Your forklifts, carts, and other machines bear the brunt of the heavy lifting around your facility. Each time they drive over a damaged piece of concrete, it jostles the machine and causes greater than usual damage to its components. This can lead to an earlier need for realignments, bearing replacements, premature tire damage, and other costly maintenance issues.

The third concern for damaged concrete is that if your facility is regulated by the FDA or USDA, a perforation in your concrete floors will cause you to fail an inspection. Few things can shut down your entire operation quite as fast as a government agency’s say-so. For companies that produce food, beverage, or pharmaceuticals, the integrity and cleanliness of their facility’s concrete floors is of great importance.

If these three concerns are not enough motivation for you to get your damaged concrete floor repaired, then consider the fact that a cracked or pitted floor will continue to get worse with time. The situation can easily be remedied by a reputable concrete repair company. This often involves joint filling, patching, and a little extra grinding or polishing to even out the look and feel of the concrete surface. A really good concrete company can also inspect the rest of your concrete to identify and repair emerging problems before they become full-blown, inspection-failing cracks.

Titus Restoration specializes in restoring damaged concrete floors. With years of experience and hundreds of satisfied clients backing us up, Titus is a name you can trust when it comes time for concrete floor damage repairs. A team of Titus’s concrete experts can visit your facility, diagnose your concrete issues, and create a plan to repair your concrete quickly and perfectly.

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