Have Cracks, Shifting, or Rocking Bending in Your Concrete Floors? Shifting Concrete Slab Repair May Be Needed

Shifting Concrete Slab RepairA typical industrial building is typically a thicker concrete slab to accommodate heavier loads and especially heavy machinery. Often times if these are not reinforced properly or is the sub slab base is weak, concrete slab shifting occurs which requires immediate shifting concrete slab repair. You know you have a shifting slab problem if you run over one side of a concrete slab, and the other side of the slab shifts position. Eventually, if it’s not addressed, the slab will crack. This creates a whole new level of repair needs. Existing cracks in the concrete are another dead giveaway it’s time for concrete repair service.

Shifting slabs may jostle the heavy equipment running over them. This can cause undue wear and tear on the equipment, and it might toss materials off the equipment. If it’s bad enough, it may even injure the person operating the machine. In order to maintain good safety conditions in your facility, shifting concrete slab repair needs to be taken care of as quickly as possible.

Currently, the only permanent solution that exists for shifting concrete slabs is the Somero Matson Joint Saver system. This system inserts stabilization devices between slabs and holds the slabs together with great force. Once the Joint Savers are installed, the deflection between the slabs is re-measured and brought within American Concrete Institute standards. The Somero Matson Joint Saver system is the very best way to stabilize joints, prevent concrete cracking, and protect the machinery, products, and employees in the facility.

Other slab-stabilizing products are on the market, but they do not offer the certainty and quality of the Somero Matson Joint Saver system. Filling the space underneath the slab with epoxy, grout, or other substances usually highly expensive in that a technician can’t predict how much product will be required to complete the job because they cannot see the voids they are filling. These substances are also considered a temporary solution to the problem, because they are still subject to shifting soils and because they tend to break down over time.

Shifting concrete slab repair is also a matter of aesthetics. A wobbly slab is far more prone to unsightly cracks, and a solid slab is far easier to stabilize than a cracked one. Appearance may not be a top priority for you at this time, but a “prettier” concrete floor will improve the value of your property, should you ever decide to sell.

Whether your wobbly slabs are cracked or intact, Titus Restoration is a certified installer of the Somero Matson Joint Saver system. No matter where you are located in the United States, we can stabilize and repair your shifting concrete slabs. Are you in need of concrete floor resurfacing or repairs?

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