Benefits of Concrete Grinding Companies

The frustrations of concrete flooring can seem never ending. From maintenance issues with dust and dirty floors to damaged concrete that slows production and seems impossible to fix, these are some of the headaches faced by maintenance and plant managers of warehouses and distribution centers. Did you know concrete grinding companies can help. Here are some ways that your facility may benefit from hiring a concrete grinding specialist.

Not all concrete grinding companies are the same!

concrete grinding companies work hard


cleaning and sealing concrete

After Total Concrete Restoration


A consultative concrete restoration contractor who specializes in grinding concrete can provide all the necessary restoration to properly extend the life of your warehouse’s concrete floors for good. Some of these one-stop-shop services include:

  1. Joint and Crack Rebuilding – Unfilled joints are subject to unraveling, spalling, and severe damage under heavy and high-traffic conditions. Our joint rebuilding process is performed with a reactive resin mortar that cures quickly and has strength and bond greater than concrete. We guarantee our process and product will last under the heaviest of industrial traffic.
  2. Slab Stabilization
    1. Slab Jacking: This process includes filling injecting the voids beneath the slab with high-density, polyurethane foam to lift it back up and support it under high traffic. It is done by drilling consecutive holes through the concrete of the affected area and pumping them full of the high-strength, fast-curing materials until the slabs are even again.
    2. Slab Stabilization Devices: To further remedy rocking and un-even slabs, joint stabilization devices are installed to prevent any further rocking of slabs at the weaker joints.  These mechanical devices put extreme pressure against the slabs holding them together. If at any time, they loosen, they can be re-tightened.
  3. Patching – We use guaranteed techniques and high-quality products to ensure patches do not fail! No patch too big or small for our guaranteed process.
  4. Cleaning & Sealing the Slab – By removing a thin layer of the concrete with diamond tooling on grinders, the surface build up is removed and the slab is opened up to receive a fresh coat of penetrating sealer and hardener. Then, the surface is tightened back up through a honing process of progressive diamond steps. Shine levels and colors will vary based on the concrete, but the surface will be restored and cleanable for the future. This can also be called polished concrete by concrete grinding companies and architects.

For more information on your concrete restoration project contact our expert team today!