Overlooking Factory Floor Repairs Could be a Serious Safety Hazard

Factory Floor RepairsWhy would a factory floor need repairs? Your factory is likely a bustling place, with two or three shifts of employees working hard to produce the goods your company sells. In addition to all of that foot traffic, you probably have some forklifts, hand carts, and maybe some even bigger machinery running along your walkways all day long. If your manufacturing process involves chemicals of any sort, an occasional spill is almost guaranteed.

All of that activity takes a toll on your concrete floors, whether you realize it or not. The constant traffic, combined with several other factors, can damage your factory floor and create a need for immediate repairs. Keep reading to learn how overlooking factory floor repairs could be a serious safety hazard.

When a concrete slab cracks, the surface on one side of the crack often settles lower than the portion on the other side of the crack. This uneven surface creates a tripping hazard for anyone walking in your facility. It will also cause excess wear on any machinery that drives over it. Plus, as traffic continues to travel over the crack, the condition of the slab will continue to deteriorate at an increasing pace. The worse shape a concrete slab is in, the harder and more expensive it becomes to repair it.

If your factory produces food, beverages, or drugs, a cracked concrete slab is a big no-no. It will cause you to fail a USDA or FDA inspection and shut down production until the issue is remedied. Would you rather experience downtime on your own schedule, or according to what the government dictates? You could also be charged with fines and penalties for the careless oversight. Therefore, if you are regulated by one or both of these government agencies, it makes no sense whatsoever to put off any necessary factory floor repairs.

Even if you don’t produce food in your facility, a cracked concrete slab can allow contaminants from the soil to enter the building. Keeping the floor clean will become an even greater challenge – as if sweeping and mopping tens of thousands of feet of concrete floor wasn’t a big enough job. Debris and mop water might collect inside the crack, and this can cause the two pieces of slab to separate more, not to mention creating a potential health hazard, depending on what exactly collects inside the crack.

Concrete repair should be taken seriously. Factory floor repairs should always be addressed as swiftly as possible to avoid injuries, equipment damage, additional damage to the slab, government-imposed shutdowns, and health hazards. Titus knows that you have a schedule to stick to, and that’s why our technicians always work as quickly and carefully as possible to get your repairs done.

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