Finding Comprehensive Concrete Floor Repair Service

Looking for one company to properly handle all phases of your concrete repair projects may seem nearly impossible to find. However, there are comprehensive concrete floor repair service companies who have a wide range of repair services and can confidently complete the task from start to finish.

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concrete floor repair service

When you are reviewing the needs for your concrete floor repair, it is most economical to find one company who can handle it all. Here are some common concrete floor repair service needs you might be looking for:

  1. Repairing large divots, cracks, or potholes – Small holes, chips, and cracks in concrete turn into big problems in warehouse floors due to high forklift traffic constantly making them worse. Many times these issues are filled with an epoxy to bandaid the issue and days or weeks later the epoxy has popped out and the problems are worse. Fixing these issues for good is possible. One concrete floor repair service is guaranteed concrete floor repairs. By properly assessing the damaged area and prepping it for a properly installed industrial strength reactive resin mortar can guarantee these problems don’t come back!
  2. Damaged joint repair – Similar to repairing large areas of damage, joint repair is another common issue. Utilizing a proper system can rebuild the joint area and allow for it to be re-cut to it’s original width. Then the joint is filled with the proper joint filler to prevent future spalls while allowing it to still move with the concrete’s natural movement.
  3. Raised aggregate smoothing – When concrete is old and worn it is not uncommon that the softer part of the concrete will erode away exposing the rocks (aggregate) in the concrete mixture. When this happens the concrete becomes very bumpy and difficult to travel and forklifts lose loads easily. Concrete floor grinding can smooth the aggregate back down and then a penetrating concrete hardener can be applied to harden the softer concrete around the rock.
  4. Voids under slabs – Voids under slabs cause cracking, rocking, and sometimes major damage. Voids beneath slabs can be filled with a high density foam to restore the concrete to a level surface and end the rocking and cracking.

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