Can I Remove VCT or Epoxy and Install Polished Concrete?

Many beautiful transformations have occurred when removed old VCT or epoxy and installing polished concrete floors! Most instances where VCT or epoxy is installed over concrete, the floor topping can be removed and the concrete can be polished. There are some things to consider when going from VCT or epoxy to polished concrete.

Considerations When Removing VCT or Epoxy and Installing Polished Concrete:

  1. Expectations – When a floor is poured to be polished, many standards are followed to ensure the floor comes out the best that it can. On the other hand, floors that are topped with VCT or Epoxy are not poured with these same standards. The results can vary from differing colors and varying aggregate
  2. exposures. Additionally, if stains have seeped through cracks in the epoxy or VCT they may have penetrated the concrete any may not be able to be removed.

    can i remove vct or epoxy and install polished concrete

    Removing Epoxy and Polishing Concrete

  3. Ghosting – This is found almost 100% of the time with VCT removal. Due to moisture transmission in the concrete, when the  VCT is removed, a grid-like pattern is left on the floor. Once polished, this grid pattern will remain. This, and other imperfections in the floor, gives the floor character and an industrial feeling.

    removing VCT and polishing concrete

    VCT ghosting after VCT Removal & Polished Concrete

  4. Leveling Compound – If the floor isn’t perfectly level when VCT is installed, the contractor may install leveling compound beneath it to make sure the VCT is level. Once the VCT is removed, this leveling compound is exposed. It cannot be polished and if it exists in areas, it may be cut out and patched before polishing or and overlay may need to be installed over the entire floor if the leveling compound is widespread.

    learn about polished concrete

    Unexpected issues with VCT Removal

All these things considered, polished concrete can be a great flooring choice for many reasons. It is incredibly easy to clean and maintenance cost are significantly reduced over other flooring options. Additionally, this smooth and reflective flooring is suitable for many facilities including: Grocery stores, retail stores, schools, churches, warehouses, and industrial facilities. For more information on our polished concrete floors click here!