Why We Love Industrial Polished Concrete Floors (And You Should, Too!)

Industrial Polished Concrete Floors Industrial polished concrete floors have many benefits. The cost to maintain a concrete floor is low, and cleaning it is extremely simple. Concrete floors are ideal for industries that tend to put a lot of wear and tear on their floors – think warehouses or factories with heavy machinery and lots of foot traffic. No other type of flooring can withstand the abuse concrete floors do. Here are several more reasons why we love industrial polished concrete floors, and so should you:


Industrial polished concrete floors are strong enough to withstand just about any abuse you throw at them. From warehouse forklift traffic to aircraft storage hangars, polished concrete can handle it all. Of course, foot traffic is a breeze for concrete floors as well.

Easy to Clean and Maintain

Industrial polished concrete floors require very little in the way of cleaning products. In fact, a dust mop, a wet mop, and water are all it takes to keep most concrete floors looking good.

Energy Efficient

Did you know industrial polished concrete floors can reduce your energy bill and increase your staff’s productivity? It’s true! Polished concrete floors are brighter and more reflective, reducing your need to burn light bulbs. Research indicates that a brighter workspace encourages productivity.

Improve Health Conditions & Environmentally Responsible

Some flooring options are loaded with volatile organic compounds (VOCs) – harsh chemicals that can cause breathing problems for people. Glues and epoxies used to secure tile and other flooring also release toxic chemicals into the structure. Titus Restoration only uses low/no VOC densifiers and stain protectors for industrial polished concrete floors.


Polishing an existing concrete slab is always a new experience. We never know what types of patterns or materials we will find when we start grinding down the surface. The adventure of discovering the natural beauty inside a concrete slab is always fun for our clients as well. Sealing the concrete’s surface and polishing it to a nice shine will preserve that beauty for decades.

For many businesses, industrial polished concrete floors are hard to beat. But you may be surprised to know concrete floors can be an excellent option for some residential properties too. They don’t hold dust, dander, hair, and other allergens like carpets do. Plus, consider what happens when other types of flooring get wet: carpet grows mildew, linoleum curls up and separates, and wood floors warp. Polished concrete floors remain breathable but the top portion of the slab is denser so moisture vapor passes through it slower eliminating failures and the presence of mold, mildew or other air contaminants.

With decades of experience in concrete flooring, our technicians are prepared to tackle any polished concrete floor project. We are a nationwide contractor, so we are ready to work with you, no matter where you are located.
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