Caring for Commercial Polished Concrete Doesn’t Have to Be So Hard – 7 Tips from the Pros

commercial polished concreteCommercial polished concrete floors are a durable, attractive, and long-lasting investment for many businesses. Although treated concrete requires very little maintenance, many people remain curious as to what they can do to extend the life of the polished concrete floors in their facilities. With just a little care and following basic precautions, your concrete floors can last for decades. Here are seven easy maintenance tips from the commercial polished concrete professionals at Titus Restoration:

Tip 1:  Using a simple dust mop is the easiest and most effective way to keep your commercial polished concrete floors looking great on a daily basis.

Tip 2:  Your commercial polished concrete floors should be mopped or auto-scrubbed with clean water at least once a week, or as needed.

Tip 3:  Detergent should be used only when it’s really necessary. Only use a pH-neutral detergent on commercial polished concrete floors. Titus CN Concrete Floor Cleaner and Neutralizer is a great example of a pH-neutral concrete cleaner.

Tip 4:  If floors are mopped or auto-scrubbed with detergent, be sure to rinse the floor with clean water afterward.

Tip 5:  The glossiness of commercial polished concrete floors depends on the traffic sustained by the floor and how the floor was finished. Floors treated with a stain guard tend to stay shinier for longer. Floors that experience frequent spills or heavy machinery traffic will look dull faster.

Tip 6:  When your commercial polished concrete floors start to lose their sheen, it may be time for a professional service to re-burnish them and apply a new coat of stain guard. This should not be necessary until at least three years into the life of your floors.

Tip 7:  After the five-year mark, it may be time to refurbish your polished concrete floors again. Your actual need for re-polishing depends on the amount and type of traffic your floor experiences. For best results, hire a professional to polish your commercial polished concrete floors.

Titus Restoration knows how important it is to protect the sizeable investment you have made in fine commercial polished concrete floors. We utilize only the best methods and products to clean, protect, and preserve the integrity and beauty of concrete floors. Following these basic cleaning and maintenance tips will go a long way in extending the beauty and life of your concrete.

If you have any questions or concerns about your commercial polished concrete floors, our customer service team looks forward to helping you. Whether we recently polished your floors or they were done years ago by someone else, we appreciate the opportunity to help improve the condition of your concrete.

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