What are Polished Concrete Floors and are They Right for Your Industrial Building?

What are polished concrete floors and how can they help you maintain a clean building cheaper? Feeling a little curious about what polished concrete floors are and what they can offer for your facility? Tons of industrial and commercial buildings have polished concrete floors, and for good reasons. If you are building a new facility or restoring an existing one, a good concrete company can create a durable, reflective, low-maintenance concrete floor you can rely on for many years. Keep reading for some facts to consider when learning what polished concrete is and if it right for your building.

Industrial Polished Concrete is an Alternate to Epoxy

For a durable flooring solution, your industrial building cannot do better than polished concrete. Properly treated concrete slabs will result in an extremely hard and durable surface. These floors can withstand heavy machinery, constant forklift traffic, and years of wear and tear. You can’t say that for epoxy. Polished concrete is a process (not a product) and won’t wear away and flake off like an epoxy coating will. Read more about our concrete polishing services here.

Note: If chemical or acid resistance is needed, polished concrete is typically not suitable and a chemically resistant epoxy coating may need to be applied in areas where the concrete will come in contact with harsh acids or chemicals.

Polished concrete floors are very low maintenance, which is great news in many ways. Most of the time, all you will need to keep your concrete clean autoscrubbing with plain water. No harsh cleaning chemicals, no wax, and no strippers necessary. You will be hard pressed to find easier flooring to keep clean and that lasts as long.

Industrial Polished Concrete Lowers Energy Costs

Did you also know that polished concrete could lower your electric bill? When concrete floors are polished they become reflective and brighter. All that reflected light in the facility could reduce the amount of artificial light you need to produce for your staff. Burning fewer light bulbs means a lower electric bill. We bet you didn’t see that coming!

Still wondering what exactly polished concrete is? It’s a green flooring solution that uses the slab that’s already underfoot in your building. The concrete can be patched, sealed, and then polished to a smooth surface that is easily cleaned and stain resistant. It can be certified as a slip resistant surface to add another level of protection for your employees. Cost-effective and durable – that’s what polished concrete is.

So is it the right choice for your industrial building? That’s up to you and your contractor. But many thousands of commercial and industrial buildings across the country have polished concrete floors, and they would all tell you that it’s a great choice for warehouses, manufacturing facilities, and just about any other industrial purpose.

Titus Restoration has created beautiful polished concrete floors for industrial buildings of all types and sizes, across the country. With many years of experience in the field, our technicians know the steps necessary to provide your facility with a polished concrete floor you can rely on for a long time to come. To find out how to answer this common question: “ What are polished concrete floors ” call 888-569-3914 and talk with an expert at Titus Restoration.