Warehouse Floor Sealing

Warehouse floors are sealed with concrete sealer that is penetrating, not topical for a long lasting warehouse floor sealer. Warehouse floor sealing can be easy and affordable if you are working with an experienced contractor. This contractor will have the proper equipment necessary for cleaning, prepping, and sealing the concrete floors. If you are looking for a way to seal your concrete floors from dusting or for USDA and FDA requirements, Titus Restoration is here to help!


Here are the ways we can help warehouses and manufacturing plants seal their concrete floors – no matter what size facility:


1.  Determining the Age and Hardness of the Concrete:

Concrete that is very dusty is usually softer concrete than concrete that does not produce as much dust. Age and hardness play a role in this and is important in performing the job so that it lasts. We use penetrating sealers for our warehouse floor sealing jobs; this ensures that the sealer will not peel or flake off. Rather, this concrete sealer is meant to react with the natural properties of the concrete to harden the dust permanently.

2.  Determining the Finished Expectations of the Concrete:

It is important that we understand our customer’s expectations before we perform a concrete sealing job. Are there concerns of cleanability or durability? If maintenance and clean floors is a true concern then we can add other services to our warehouse floor sealing scope that will make maintenance and cleanable floors easier and cheaper than ever imagined, this is called polished concrete. Polished concrete is the best way to drive down maintenance cost, eliminate dusting concrete floors, and provide excellent durability and longevity all at once! There are many other benefits of polished concrete as well, see here for more information.

3.  Is your facility in Operation? We can phase work around you!

Titus Restoration performs the majority of its work in operating facilities, some of these run 24/7/365! We are able to work with you to decide the best way to phase the work so you don’t have to shut down – or even better we will work weekends, holiday, and plant shutdowns to seal your concrete floors if that’s what needs to be done.

For best results, warehouse floor sealing should always be left to the professionals. Titus Restoration uses the top products and expert techniques to ensure a professional job well done every time. We deliver your desired results within your budget and time constraints every time.

To get a quote for sealing your concrete floors, call Titus Restoration toll-free at 888-569-3914.