The 6 Best Reasons to Include Polished Concrete Floors in School Rehabs and New Builds

polished concrete floors in schoolA growing trend right now is to have polished concrete floors in schools. It doesn’t matter if the project is a new build or a rehab project, polished concrete is an attractive, durable, and cost-effective flooring option. School districts and contractors are increasingly waking up to the fact that polished concrete offers incredible benefits in buildings that experience heavy foot traffic.

Here are six of the best reasons to include polished concrete floors in school rehabs and new builds:

1. Concrete Beats Carpet

Polished concrete floors in schools make much more sense than carpeting. Think about the hundreds of kids tromping through the building day in and day out. All that foot traffic will wear down even the most heavy-duty carpet. Plus, kids tend to drop and spill things – how much easier is it to mop up a spill than to steam clean the carpet? Even if the school has carpet tiles that can be easily replaced – how many tiles of carpet do you go through each school year, and how much do they cost?

2. Tile Doesn’t Cut It

Various types of tile are frequently used in schools, but tile just doesn’t offer the level of durability that polished concrete does. All it takes is a dropped chair, and many types of tile will crack. Plus, if there is grout between the tiles, getting that clean is a long and arduous process that probably only happens a couple times a year.

3. Maintenance Is Elementary

All it takes to keep polished concrete floors in schools clean is a dust mop and an occasional wet mopping with water. With more and more parents concerned about the healthiness of their children’s school environment, you can tell them that plain water is all you use to keep the floors clean. Plus, think of how much money the school could save on cleaning products and equipment. No more harsh cleaning products, strippers, waxes, or carpet cleaning solutions.

4. Shed More Light on the Subject

Polished concrete floors reflect light; the reflected light can reduce how much artificial light needs to be produced in the school. You probably never imagined that polished concrete could reduce your energy bill, did you?

5. It IS Easy Being Green

You will be hard pressed to find a greener flooring solution than polished concrete. Even the products used to densify and polish the concrete are low or no VOC products, which means that they don’t release dangerous fumes.

6. No Slip ‘N Slide

If you are concerned about the risk of slips and falls on wet polished concrete, then worry no more. Polished concrete can be finished with a slip-resistant surface that helps prevent accidents. You won’t find this benefit on any tile floor.

If you are considering the options for new floors in your facility, we strongly urge you to consider polished concrete. Even if you need concrete floor resurfacing or repairs, all of these issues can be fixed. Call 888-569-3914 to learn how Titus can create beautiful, durable, low-maintenance polished concrete floors in your school.