Warehouse Floor Sealing

Concrete floor sealing is an important first step in any new construction or warehouse renovation. Sealing the floor from dust creates a maintenance-friendly floor that also reduces the wear on forklift tires. There are several ways to achieve a professional warehouse floor sealing project depending on your facility’s needs and traffic.

Warehouse Floor Sealing Options:

Before and after floor cleaning and sealing.

1. Clean and Seal Concrete: To remove tire marks and other stains and clean and seal option could be right for you. With cleaning and sealing concrete floors, the end result provides a floor that is free of most stains and is brighter. It is also sealed from dust and is re-hardened with a penetrating lithium silicate concrete densifier (sealer). This option does not remove all surface defects, it is simply cleaned and sealed.

2. Grind and Seal Concrete: For an option above a cleaning and sealing, some warehouse floor sealing projects require more extensive grinding to remove areas of damaged concrete, spalls, and possibly raised aggregate that is exposed. The concrete is then sealed (again with a penetrating concrete floor sealer) and is honed to a state that is acceptable to the customer.

With a Hybrid Polished concrete, warehouse floor sealing is acheieved and ehanced.

3. Polished and Sealed Concrete: For maximum warehouse floor renovation, a longer lasting warehouse floor sealing option is polished concrete. Polished concrete is a process of refining the concrete to a shine with a diamond grinding process. During this process, the same penetrating sealers are used, but the end result is something that warehouse owners can utilize for a long time. It is extremely durable, easy to maintain, and best of all, it is cost-effective.

More Information on Warehouse Floor Sealing Contact an Expert Contractor:

Titus Restoration has helped many warehouses and factories seal their concrete and provide solutions for ease of cleaning in order to eliminate concrete dusting and to cure slippery concrete floors. Warehouses, factories, schools, hangers, general stores are ideal candidates for Titus’ concrete floor hybrid polishing.Polished concrete is especially suitable as a green, sustainable, and low life cycle cost alternative to vinyl (VCT) tile. Contact us today for a free site evaluation.