5 Concrete Polishing Solutions For Building Owners

The many concrete polishing solutions are not always easy to identify, why is this flooring so unique? Concrete floors are typically nothing but a headache for most facilities managers and building owners. They crack and crumble, are hard to maintain, and their durability is often questioned. However, there are concrete polishing solutions that might be right for your business – here are the top 5.

Top 5 Ways Concrete Polishing Solutions are Right for your Concrete Floor:

#1 Easier Maintenance: A polished concrete floor is virtually the easiest floor to take care of. Not only that, but it is the most affordable and greenest maintenance method. Simply using a dust mop and wet mop with water only (no chemicals) the concrete floor is maintained. Why is it so easy? Concrete polishing solutions are a process, not a product. Therefore, the surface of the concrete slab is refined to a smooth and tight surface that mops and brooms can pass over with ease. In addition, spills are left to rest on top for a period of time instead of penetrating a typical porous concrete immediately.

#2 Durability: During the process of concrete polishing, a penetrating chemical is added to the floor. This low/no VOC chemical reacts with the natural properties of the concrete to harden and seal it from dust. Because of this hardening effect, the surface becomes much more abrasion resistant. Additionally, because of its long life cycle, this concrete polishing solution is one of the most durable options for a concrete floor.

#3 Brighter Facility & Reduced Lighting: During the process of concrete floor polishing, the darker, top-layer of the concrete is removed. This reveals a lighter surface that is more light reflective. But in addition to that, the process of concrete polishing with diamonds creates a glossy or shiny effect on the floor. This shine adds to the reflectivity of the surface. All things combined, many national retailers have switched to polished concrete because of their reduced need for lighting.

#4 High Traction: A common misconception is that polished concrete, because it is shiny, is slippery. A professional concrete polishing company should have the ability to show you their certification in high traction flooring from the National Floor Safety Institute. The strict standards the NFSI adheres to means you don’t have to worry about slip resistance with concrete polishing solutions.

#5 Green: There are many ways a polished concrete floor is green. We have already touched on a few of them: water only for maintenance, low/no voc chemicals used in the process, and reduced lighting, but there are more. By keeping waste of VCT and Carpet out of our landfills this concrete polishing solution is very green. Utilizing the existing material makes this a sustainable architectural choice.

Titus Restoration understands how concrete polishing solutions can affect your bottom line and increase the life of your floors. We are happy to assist you with a free site evaluation – just contact us today!