What Concrete Grinding and Polishing Can Do For Your Floor

Are your warehouse concrete floors in bad shape? Are they damaged, deteriorated, and possibly ruined? Maybe you don’t have a warehouse – maybe you are renovating an abandoned shopping center into a new complex and the floors are in terrible shape. What are your options for concrete floor renovation?

It is hard to imagine that concrete grinding and polishing can restore this concrete floor.

Before: Damaged and Eroded Concrete

A polished concrete floor is smooth and able to be cleaned!

After: Concrete Grinding and Polishing Restores the Concrete







Even the worst floors can be transformed with a concrete grinding and polishing process. They can be made new again; and the best part… It is affordable!

Examples of How Concrete Grinding and Polishing can Transform Floors:

#1 Dusty Floors: They can cause cleanability issues for any owner, but the process of polishing concrete floors seals the surface from stubborn dust reducing maintenance and headaches. In addition to sealing the dust, the surface is refined to a smooth surface that mops and brooms can pass over with ease.

#2 Bumpy Floors: This can be a forklift drivers’ nightmare. When the floor is old and deteriorated, it is not uncommon that there are joint problems, spalls, pitting, and other large divots that cause a floor to be difficult to pass over with a forklift or other machinery… And maintenance is nearly impossible. Through the concrete grinding process, these areas can be ground down and restored to a smooth surface. Where repairs are needed, those are done prior to the concrete grinding and polishing process to ensure a smooth concrete floor.

#3 Dirty Floors: Forklift tire marks, stains, and grime can be unsightly to a building owner or facilities manager. Keeping up the appearance of a concrete floor is difficult and nearly impossible; however, with a polished concrete floor, you won’t have to worry about the floor being dirty. As long as the simple maintenance plan is followed, tire marks, stains, debris and grime are easily recovered and removed keeping this flooring looking great.

#4 Carpet, VCT, or Epoxy Floors: When removing dingy or ruined VCT, Carpet, or Epoxy look to the concrete beneath it – it can be restored. Instead of replacing these floor coverings grind and polish the concrete beneath them. You’d be amazed at the possibilities available with concrete restoration!

With concrete grinding and polishing, concrete floors are restored to a flooring that is not only beautiful and full of character, but that is worth the investment as it may last you forever!

How to Get a Long Life from Concrete Grinding and Polishing Floors:

#1 Routine Maintenance: The maintenance is simple, but it needs to be adhered to. Keeping the floors clean is the first part of the maintenance. Walk off mats and daily dust mopping that might be all you need, but if your facility is larger, you might discover that an autoscrubber is right for you. And with a water-only maintenance plan, it is affordable for almost everyone!

#2 Proper Installation: In order for a polished concrete floor to last, a proper concrete grinding and polishing expert must be present. There are many ways to shortcut this process that will lead to failure is the system lasting and you will be unhappy with the results.

Titus Restoration has taken some of the worst floors in the country and transformed them into a floor that is pleasing to everyone. With concrete grinding and polishing, the transformation possibilities are endless. Because we utilize the best tools the industry has to offer, we are capable of tackling nearly any project: any size and any amount of damage. Contact us to get a free site evaluation for your concrete floor restoration project today!