Looking for USDA and FDA Concrete Repairs for your Facility?

USDA and FDA facilities require a little more when it comes to the concrete floors. These food, beverage, or pharmaceutical manufacturer’s understand the role a clean and sealed floor plays in the cleanliness and safety of the plant. USDA and FDA concrete repairs also require careful consideration of products and procedures used as to not contaminate any stored product.

USDA and FDA Concrete Repairs

Structural cracks and failed coating are a constant issue for this USDA Cold Storage Facility.

Types of USDA and FDA Concrete Repairs

1. Joint Sealing and Repairing:  Joint sealer can fail due to poor installation or extreme concrete slab movement. Sometimes joint filler can just crack due to normal wear and tear, however, in a USDA or FDA facility, joints that are not properly sealed are an issue for contamination and cleanliness. Further, damaged joints can deteriorate, spall, and crack the concrete – another issue that calls for repairs in order to keep the facility clean and free of contaminants. Repairing joints that are damaged with a USDA and FDA compliant product is a must for these facilities. For more information on these types of repairs in cold storage, read here.

2. Crack Repair: Similar to joint sealing, cracks pose the same threat and require sealing with an acceptable product. Small cracks can simply be cleaned and sealed to prevent any seepage, however, larger cracks may be structural and require a more in-depth repair. Structural cracking is typically larger than the width of a credit card and change in plane. They can be caused by weak sub bases and soils, voids under the slab, and un-reinforced concrete. These slabs can be reinforced to correct the damage and the cracks filled to ensure compliance with USDA and FDA regulations.

3. Clean and Sealed Concrete: Concrete floor cleanability is a huge factor for food, beverage, and pharmaceutical manufacturing. Depending on the type of raw material that will come in contact with the floor, a coating or polishing system is typically used on the concrete. Removing existing surface contaminants (such as black tire marks or oils) may be required with shotblasting or grinding prior to sealing the slab. Once installed a maintenance schedule must be adhered to in order to maintain its cleanability.

USDA and FDA Concrete Repair Contractor:

Titus Restoration offers a comprehensive list of industrial concrete restoration services. We have completed several concrete restoration projects over the decades in food, beverage, and pharmaceutical manufacturing plants. Contact our expert estimators today for more information on your concrete floor repair project.